#addplanereact – How to Get Plane Reaction on Facebook, Reason Behind Plane Reaction

plane reaction on facebook
A mysterious new Airplane react button has just been seen on facebook, what's it and what's is the reason behind this plane reaction ?

From just a last few hours or more, a new airplane reaction has taken the whole facebook community around the world into a storm. Timeline of every facebook user has probably been flooded with the comments like #addplanereact. Actually recently a new plane reaction has been seen on facebook and few users are manipulating others to comment down #addplanereact so that they could get the plane emoji button on their facebook. This is actually nothing but a hoax that is breaking out. Earlier we’ve seen the same thing where users were commenting on different posts to get snakes crawling on their device screen.

The new plane reaction was noticed first by facebook android app users. Users using the latest version of Facebook’s android app got an extra angry emoji reaction by a little trick. Tapping on the  angry reaction present at the extreme right corner is creating those airplane reacts. But those people who’re not aware about how to get the airplane react on facebook are just getting manipulated and influenced by others to start commenting that damn comment – #addplanereact.


Why There’s An Airplane Reaction on Facebook, The Reason Behind It – 

Now you might be thinking what’s the actual reason of there being a new plane reaction on facebook. Well, let me tell you that this newly noticed airplane react isn’t a feature, actually it’s a bug that was a leftover from Hackathon. And it wasn’t meant to be rolled out for public.

When reached to Facebook about this new plane reaction, one of the representative told, “this was created as part of an employee hackathon and wasn’t cleared for takeoff. Our apologies.”

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So it’s still uncertain that how long this airplane reaction button would stay live on facebook. But still, if you’re an android users, you can join others by reacting with this new airplane reaction. Wanna know how ? here’s is it.

Plane reaction isn’t working anymore as Facebook has just removed it from its platform.

How to Get Plane Reaction on Facebook – 

Make sure you’ve the latest version of facebook app installed on your android phone. Now log in with your Facebook ID and tap on comments of any posts appearing on your news feed or anywhere else. Now tap on the like button from the extreme top right corner of your screen, now you would get a extra new angry reaction button. Simply tap on the angry react button from the right corner and that’s all, you’ve given a plane reaction to that post.

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As this was a bug, so it’s highly likely that facebook will soon withdraw this plane reaction option. So if you know some one who isn’t aware about the real reason and commenting #addplanereact in comments, share this article with him or her and let them know.