Aircel isn’t Shutting Down, Airtel comes to rescue Aircel by Offering Towers

Aircel is shutting down its services?

Many Aircel user is under immense trouble as they’re not event getting signals onto their device. According to a few posts on Facebook and Twitter, users in Rajasthan, Kolkata, Chennai, Odisha and Delhi, have had no network on their Aircel numbers for the past few days. Aircel is under a very bad situation, during this hard time Airtel has come forward to support Aircel. Currently Aircel connectivity is back in few regions.

On January 30, Aircel shut down its services in six big circles of India including Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh (West) for paying bank loans. Since last couple of days, Aircel users from every corners of India are reporting about not getting signal to even make calls. And People are in a doubt regarding if Aircel has stopped their services. Earlier media reports of Aircel’s Bankruptcy and this triggered rumors that the operator was shutting down its services. Aircel employees at a company outlet in Coimbatore tried to convince the protesting customers, saying the rumors were spread by the competitors and claimed there were no such issues. Under this scenario, many Aircel users started to port their number into a different network. Nearly nine lakh Aircel customers across India on Wednesday and almost three lakh customers on Tuesday tried to port their numbers after facing frequent call drops. But it’s not true, Aircel hasn’t stopped their services yet.

The officials of the Aircel Company have says that Aircel hasn’t stopped their services and are not shutting down anytime soon, as the contract is still there for 15 years.

Aircel also clarifies on social media that they’re not closing their services and that users will be notified in advance of any such eventuality. Also the officials told, “Aircel is facing network issues and we are trying to find a way to resolve this at the soonest possible,”.

All the mobile towers of Aircel in south india are totally out of service and also 800 Aircel towers have become dysfunctional so far. Due to financial and operational issues, Aircel is unable to solve this issues at the earliest. Now The telecom Giant Airtel has come forward to save aircel by offering several towers top keep their network alive. This towers will support aircel signals till the entire issue gets resolved and it will surely reduce the trouble of aircel gradually. So this Aircel signal issue would be fixed within the upcoming days. Don’t create panic or don’t listen to the rumors, share this post with a aircel user to let him/her know the reality.