Alliance Broadband New Tariff Plans for Kolkata & Rest of India in 2018

Alliance Broadband plans

It’s 2018, and in this era of digitization everyone needs a fast enough internet connection to fulfill your digital needs. And recently Alliance Broadband has come up with new tariff plans. Alliance Broadband is one of the most popular and widely subscribed internet service provider across kolkata. This ISP is well known for its valuable service and fair pricing. In this article, I’m going to list down new Alliance Broadband plans for Kolkata and rest of Bengal areas. 

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Surprisingly recently Alliance Broadband has increased the allocated bandwidth enormously for its all tariff plans from starter to gigablast. The the lowest plan “Starter” offers 60Mbps truely unlimited bandwidth with no data transfer capping for just Rs 500/Month. While the most costly “Gigablast” pack provides unlimited 1024 Mbps bandwidth for Rs 13500/Month. Lets check out the new Alliance Broadband Plans.

Alliance Broadband Tariff Plans for Kolkata [Unlimited] – 

Tariff Plan NameValidity BandwidthFUPMonthly Cost
STARTER30 Days60 MbpsUnlimitedRs 500/Month + GST
ZOOM30 Days70 MbpsUnlimitedRs 600/Month + GST
PRIME+30 Days80 MbpsUnlimitedRs 650/Month + GST
PREFERRED+30 Days100 MbpsUnlimitedRs 850/Month + GST
PREMIUM+30 Days120 MbpsUnlimitedRs 1150/Month + GST
SPEED+30 Days150 MbpsUnlimitedRs 1500/Month + GST
FLASH+30 Days200 MbpsUnlimitedRs 2600/Month + GST
INNOVATOR30 Days500 MbpsUnlimitedRs 7000/Month + GST
GIGABLAST30 Days1024 MbpsUnlimitedRs 13500/Month + GST

All of the above allinace broadband plan provides truly unlimited data throughout a month. Here’s a breakdown of the above plans.

Starter – This is an entry level plan for personal usage. The starter plan provides unlimited data with 60Mbps bandwidth for 30 days. This plan costs Rs.500 per month excluding 18% GST. Including the GST value, users need to pay around Rs.590 per month. Same rule applies for other plans too.

Zoom – The Zoom pack comes with 70 Mbps unlimited data allocation per month for just Rs.600 per month excluding GST rate.

Prime+ – This Prime+ plan gives 80 Mbps unlimited data per month with no data transfer capping at Rs.650 per month.

Preferred+ – For this plan users need pay Rs.850 per month. Preferred+ plan provides 100 Mbpstruly unimited data for 30 Days.

Premium+ – It comes with 120 Mbps unlimited data for 30 days for a payment of Rs.1150 per moth with additional taxes applicable.

Speed+ – The Speed+ pack comes up with 150 Mbps unlimited data for a month at a rate of Rs.1500 monthly.

Flash+ – With flash+ pack, users will get 200 Mbps unlimited data at just Rs.2600 per month excluding GST rates.

Innovator – This one one of the premium tariff plans provided by allinace broadband. With this pack, users will get a blazing fast 500 Mbps bandwidth with unlimited data for a month at Rs.7000 per month.

Gigablast – Alliance broadband has recently introduced the Gigablast fiber-net plan that comes up with unbelievable 1024 Mbps or 1GBps unlimited bandwidth. This plan is mostly suitable for official purposes and costs Rs.13500 per month.

In case you don’t need unlimited data, alliance covers you up with its new cheap FUP plans.

FUP Plans for Kolkata – 

Tariff Plan NameBandwidthFUPValidityMonthly Cost
STREAM10 Mbps30 GB30 DaysRs 300 + GST
EXPRESS80 Mbps80 GB30 DaysRs 550 + GST
PROMPT100 Mbps100 GB30 DaysRs 650 + GST
SURGE120 Mbps120 GB30 DaysRs 800 + GST
BRISK150 Mbps150 GB30 DaysRs 1000 + GST
ACCELERATE200 Mbps200 GB30 DaysRs 1500 + GST
AGILE200 Mbps 250 GB30 DaysRs 2000 + GST

All of the above plan comes under Fair Usage Policy(FUP) For SOHO Users. These plan comes with unlimited data usage, but upon exceeding the FUP Limit your speed will be reduced to 512 Kbps.

These plans are for people residing in kolkata region,  but for outsiders the alliance broadband tariff plans are quite different as listed below.

Alliance Broadband Plans [ Rest Of India – Unlimited

Tariff Plan NameTotal BandwidthFUPValidityMonthly Cost
BROWSE +12 MbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs 400 + 18% GST
PACE +25 MbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs 500 + 18% GST
QUICK +35 MbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs 675 + 18% GST
RAPID +50 MbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs 950 + 18% GST
SWIFT +75 MbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs 1350 + 18% GST
BLAZE +100 MbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs 2000 + 18% GST

Rest Of India Plans [ Limited

Tariff Plan NameBandwidthFUPValidity Cost
GLIDE5 Mbps10 GB30 daysRs 250 + 18% GST
Budget20 Mbps90 GB90 daysRs 1200 + 18% GST

While for the budget plan, user has to pay 90 days package charges at a time in advance. Moreover upload restricted and 5060 port not Supported in that plan particularly.

All this is the new tariff plans introduced by Alliance Broadband. Package charges might vary depending on area basis, contact your local internet service provider for more details and then you can decide which alliance broadband plan you really need for your purposes.