Amour to tweak for iPhone Locking/unlocking Animations

Amour tweak

If you have jailbroken your iOS device then there is a huge list of things that you could change. A jailbroken iPhone can be customized quite similarly to an Android phone. You could apply new themes, change the icons and do lots more. Amour by iOS developer Luke Muris an amazing tweak that lets you change the locking and unlocking animations of your iOS device.


Once, you have installed Amour you could find it in the “settings” menu. It offers lots of animations such as Shrink, Suck Down, Slide Up, Side Down, Slide Left, Slide Right, TV and Explode.

You could also tweak the duration for each of these animations as well as choose any custom animation that you want.

Once you have chosen your favourite animation, it can be applied and tested immediately. Amour has many great animations but you would definitely love the TV animation which is a retro-style animation.

The ability to only pick the animation but also determine the time it takes to execute gives you additional command over these animations.

Downloading Amour

If you are interested in this tweak then you could get the tweak from Cydia’s Packix Repository. Unfortunately, the tweak isn’t free. You need to purchase it for $2.00 but it is worth the price as it offers a lot more when compared to other similar tweaks.

So, go ahead and get the tweak and change the old boring animations on your iPhone today.

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