Anyone Having your Aadhaar Card Number can Check Your Bank Account Details

As per central Government’s redirection, users had to link their bank accounts and Mobile numbers with Aadhaar before the 31st december 2017. Recently UIDAI has launched a USSD code based service by which users can check in which bank his/her aadhaar card number is linked with. However this service doesn’t come with end users’ security protection like sending an OTP to registered number or email. It could a create issues such confidential information leaks, anyone having your aadhaar card number can check in which bank you have a account. Also if you’ve multiple bank accounts linked with your aadhar card, it will just show up one bank name.

This service could be helpful for users if it comes within a safeguard like OTP or anykind of user access verification. Also it will not event notify user’s if someone has just checked their bank account details.

How to check your bank account details using Aadhaar number –

Simply Dial *99*99*1# from your mobile number, you will be charged 50 paisa for this service. Then on the next screen the system will ask you to enter your 12 digit aadhaar card number. After entering your aadhaar card number, confirm it. And it will show the bank details in which you have an account.

While UIDAI hasn’t commented on this, while it is expected that a OTP verification will be added to protect private information of users. What do you think ? check your bank account details using this USSD based portal and let us know your thoughts. Share this story to let others know about this.

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