Apple considers MediaTek for Modems of upcoming iPhones

Apple is going to ditch qualcomm as its chipset manufacturer for the ongoing legal battle. As per reports Apple is to partnership with smartphone chipset manufacturer mediatek for its baseband modem chips for upcoming iPhones launching in 2018. After switching 50% of its orders of iPhone modem chipsets to intel from Qualcomm, apple is looking for mediatek for production of its chipstes.

The company was seeking for a new chipset suppliers to absorb more of the remaining orders. Mediatek’s technology, capacity and pricing adbvantages puts the spot light over them. And mow mediatek is a supplier to becoming modem chip supplier for apple in the future days.

The legal battle of apple with qualcomm for unfair patent royality calculation formula involving modem chipsets used in iphone is getting crazier. As per sources Mediatek has enough resources to supply apple modem their iphones. And meditek could be the fortuner to supply apple modem for the all next-gen iphones.

Mediatek leads in supplying chipset solutions for these segments in terms of both market shares and technology advancement. Further more mediatek could supply apple wireless charging devices, wirless system and smart speakers. Medaitek has leading technological competitiveness, comprehensive product blueprints and reliable logistic support. These three principals are followed by apple in determining providers of chipset for its various lineup. Mediatek meets the quality guidelines line, but Still Mediatek will supply 50% of the modems for iphones, while the renaming half will be supplied by intel.

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