BatteryColor Tweak for iOS to Customize the Battery Status icon

BatteryColor Tweak

There are a lot of things to customize if you own a jailbroken iPhone. The battery status icon which is certainly one of the most important icons on your device is often neglected when it comes to customization. BatteryColor by the iOS tweak developer Chasewhip lets you customize the battery status icon as well.

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Download BatteryColor Tweak for iOS – 

BatteryColor is available to download from the Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free. The standard icon for the battery status works just fine. But if you have a jailbroken iPhone then why not make a few tweaks to it as well.

BatteryColor is a simple yet great way to improve the look and to some extent, functionality of the battery status icon. What it does is that it provides a dynamic gradient to the battery status icon. Suppose, you have a full battery then the icon would appear dark green. Now, you begin using your iPhone and the battery begins to drain. As the level of the battery charge decreases, the color of the indicator would change as well. Say, your battery level comes down to 75%, the color would begin to turn yellower. As you continue using your device and the charge drops to 25% or 10%, the color of the indicator would approach a red color.

This is a great way to identify the amount of battery you have left without the need of the numeric indicator.

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Installing and using BatteryColor

Once, you download the tweak from the Cydia repository from the above link and install it on to your phone, you are ready to go. It doesn’t come with a settings menu option. This is a good and a bad thing. It is good because you don’t need to manually configure it to work on your device. The bad thing is that you cannot change the default colors and the levels at which they change.

So, in the end, BatteryColor is a great tiny tweak if you are looking to customize your phone even further and it runs on any iOS device running jailbroken iOS 11.