Best 10 Websites to Download PC Games for Free in 2019

download pc games for free
Best sources to download pc games for exclusively free of cost

Gaming is an inextricable part of our life, you can’t escape from playing games. More or less, we all play some types of games in our leisure time on our PC or desktop. But the fact is, not all games are available to download for free. Most of the popular content-rich games require a paid license. And it’s highly possible that there’re people who can’t afford to buy every single game to play. If you want to download pc games for free, then this article gonna much beneficial for you.

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If you wanna get some paid games or software for free, then torrent is something that pops up in our mind first. That’s why mostly we look into multiple torrent websites do download pc games for free. And in most of the scenarios, we end up downloading malicious corrupted files or a game setup that can’t be installed due to a number of factors. This types of situations are very frustrating for every users as it wastes both time and internet data. But here in Gadgetcubes, i don’t like to see my visitors falling into that kind of problems. Also many torrent sites are blocked in few countries that blocks the major resources to download games. So today I’ll list down top 10 websites to download pc games for free in 2019. From each of these websites, you can download cracked pc games for exclusively free of cost.

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Deceleration – Piracy of game is a crime and I don’t encourage it in any manner. A game should be purchased with a valid paid license. This article is limited to informational or educational purposes only. I will not be responsible for any kind of future consequences.

Top 10 Websites to Download PC Games for Free – 

1.Fitgirl repacks is one of the best websites to download pc games for free. It doesn’t have any kind of sign up process or doesn’t need any type of paid subscription to download games. Fitgirl repacks has a collection of hundreds of cracked pc games. The attractive thing is, the site provides the repack version of the games.

Basically repack games contain compressed installation files, that are much smaller in terms of size. If a normal game is 50GB in size, the repack version size will be around 8-10GB. In the fitgirl repacks, you can find A-Z every single latest AAA category cracked pc games to download for free. The website mostly offers downloads via torrents, but in some of cases, you may get mirror links of the games.

2.Ocean of games

Right after fitgirl repacks, is among the most popular websites that offer to download pc games for free of cost.  The website has a very simple interface and it’s much easy to navigate. From the top menu, you can browse the download section of games via a range of categories such as – Action, Adventure, Arcade, Horror, Fighting, Racing, Puzzles, Shooting games, Simulations, Sports, War, Strategy, Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, RPG, Survival, Trainer etc. Also, you can directly enter the name of the game in the search bar and land into the preferred download page directly.

But unlike the previous site, ocean of games doesn’t provide torrent links to download pc games for free. Instead of well-demanded torrent links, this one provides mirror links to download cracked pc games. So it might be a little bit frustrating for users while downloading larger games in case they’ve a slow internet connection. Apparently, you can get almost any types of game from the site.


Gamulator is a place where you can find old and archived games that are not
available anywhere else on the internet. They have the biggest console and handheld
games. Some of the most popular devices are NDS, N64, GBA, SNES and Sega Genesis.
The website is pretty easy to use and the download process is straight-forward. At
Gamulator, you can also find emulators that can emulate all these consoles on a
computer and all that for free.

If you are a fan of retro games and consoles, Gamulator is definitely the place to
go to. Just download an emulator and load your favourite game from Neo-Geo, Sega or
Nintendo and enjoy the fun that follows.

3.Rg Mechanics holds a vast collection of free pc games. The following site is much easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface. Apart from downloading cracked pc games, you also download console games – PSX or XBOX from Rg Mechanics.

This site allows you to browse its collection of games from a drop-down list of genres like – Multiplayer, Shooting, RPG, Survival, Sports, Action etc. Also, the site provides links of the game updates. While downloading a game from the following site, if you’ll get torrent links and mirror links options to choose from that is helpful for users. One of the most attractive things is, the site provides 100% saved games with unlocked levels and contents to download. It means if you want, you can download pc games for free with all levels and everything unlocked within it. So directly you can choose and play any level without finishing the previous ones. And mostly all the games are repacked version that is much lesser in terms of size.


If you want to get the latest pc games, you must check .Like the previous websites, this one also has a vast collection of pc games to download for free. Apart from offering just one-time game downloads, Codex provides every single update of the game through the website. You want to download cracked pc games for free and also want to install the latest updates of the games, you should really check this website.

But the download size of the game provide by Codex, is a quite bit larger than other repack websites. Though it offers torrent download links, that means you’ll need a torrent client like Bittorrent or ĀµTorrent to download pc games for free from this website. Almost you will get any latest games available here.

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5.CPY Games provides a long range of game collections. You will find almost any AAA category popular games on CPY Games website. The website doesn’t have a search bar or navigation menu to search and download games. So basically you’ve to scroll down and down until you get your favorite PC game listed that you wanna download. Or you may take help of a simple google search to save some time. This site provides repack game downloads via torrent, mega and mirror links that’s quite helpful. So if you wanna download pc games for free, you may visit CPY Games.

6.Skidrow & reloaded has also a variety of pc game collection. You can get repack version of almost any game from the site. In case if you’re game is not listed yet, the site allows to to make an request for listing the game. You can download pc games for free of cost from Skidrow & reloaded using torrent links, or provided mirror download links. Link the few previous one, this website also gives cracked update of games.


Among the free pc game downloading websites, is one of the those. You can perform a custom search on the following site or you may browse through listed categories such as Puzzle, Racing, Action, Arcade to download your preferred game.

8.All Games A to Z is a free PC game source, it provides free PC games to download for PC, Mac, Linux. The site contains thousands of game collections to download. Also, it provides in-game tutorial and videos to help the user to understand the gameplay. You’ll get every single popular content-rich games listed on the following site. Apart from that, you can also download console games from AllGamesAtoZ.

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9.GAMEPRESSURE offers latest and most popular pc games to download for free. Apart from game downloads, the site also offers illustrated video game guides, walkthroughs, solutions, news and game FAQs. Basically, the provided game download links are torrent links. If you want to know something about a game or want to know a hidden trick of game, you’ll get the same thing on the respective sections of the website. And it doesn’t need any sign-up process or credit card information for membership. You can download pc games for free from Gamepressure with ease.

10.Mega Games is one of most old and treatable source of gaming resources. The website covers every single popular and latest games for PC, Xbox One, PS4. Like the previous website, this one also offers cheat codes, mods, videos, news, game walkthrough tutorials apart from downloads. But this site doesn’t offer torrent links, while it only offers mirror or its own server links to download pc games for free of cost. Naturally, it’s one of the content-rich websites containing a variety of games to download and play.

Disclaimer – Downloading cracked pc games for free from third-party websites could get risky. Sometimes there might be malicious files or virus / malware that can damage or create problems on your pc. I will not any kind of responsibility for files downloaded through those type of websites [listed or not listed in this article]. 

This was my listing of best 10 websites to download pc games for free. Did i miss any popular content-rich game downloading websites? let me know your suggestions in the comments if any.