Best 5 Ways to Convert TV to Smart TV

The on-demand modern technology is changing our life style rapidly, after the debut of several new gadgets, Smart TVs just started grabbing some attention now-a-days. Recently Xiamoi Launched its Mi Tv, which created a craze among TV buyers. Most probably you might be interested into a Smart TV.

But those who’re in a tight budget, the smart TVs would be a bit costly option for them. Instead of buying a smart TV, Today i’ll show you the best method to convert your standard television into a Smart television for less than Rs.4000 or $60. As long as your current TV has a HDMI port and Wi-Fi connectivity, you’re good to go forward to start converting your TV into a Smart TV.

How to Covert Any TV to Smart TV –

Amazon Fire TV Stick –

amazon fire tv stickThis is best method to convert your television into a smart Television. The device itself comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. It’s available on Amazon for 3,999 Rupees. User just need to plug-in the device and follow the onscreen instructions to set it up.

After setting up the Amazon Fire TV stick, users need to sign in with their amazon account to complete the setup. And that’s all, now anyone can enjoy contents from Amazon Prime Video or Amazon prime music. There’s a Voice Search option that really works great. The Remote can be used for quick navigation or to change between channels. You can stream upto 1080p quality videos using this. Also it comes with a default browser which lets your browse internet like you can use facebook, watch netflix or you can browse some websites. With it’s prime user interface and easy navigation, this one should be your first choice.

Apple TV –

apple tv

Apple Tv is the another alternative, it can also be use to convert your TV into smart TV. It would cost you around Rs.8,295. First you’ll need to install Playto / Apple TV/ AirPlay Media Player App on your iOS or Android device. Then you’ve to subscribe to your preferred channels or you can rent movies from iTunes. And using this device, you can stream contents like videos, pictures and music from your Android or iOS device. But the disadvantage is, you can’t store anything to play offline.

Google Chrome Cast 2 –

google chrome cast 2

It’s the second upgraded version Google‘s chrome cast. You can say it’s a streaming dongle, with quite same or additional advantages. The device is available in the market for around Rs.2,399. It’s a simple plug and play device, users can connect their smartphones or laptop on same WiFi network to setup and connect to the device. Once connected, one can stream anything from their devices like music, videos, games etc.

Xiamoi Mi TV Box –


The Xiamoi Mi TV Box runs on custom Android OS and has 2GB RAM and 8GB storage. This device is available for just Rs.4,400. Unlike the above the options, this one has its major benefit which lets its users to stream contents at 4K resolution. Also it supports Bluetooth along with Wi-Fi. User just need to plug-in the device with the television using HDMI cable.

Teewe 2 –

teewe 2

Most probably you’ve not heard about this device. Well ! Teewe 2 is a HDMI dongle or streaming stick like chrome cast with same features. It’s available for a cheaper rate, which is around Rs.2,399. But it’s little difficult to setup and has less content support right now. But still this one is a good cheap alternative for streaming contents from your phone or tablet.

Here was the top 5 ways to convert your standard television into smart television. Opps ! we missed anything ? let us know in the comments.