Best Privacy Apps For Android in 2019 to Enhance the user Security

android privacy apps

Cyber Security is one major issue with growing digital landscapes for most of the people. As hacking and other internet bugs are getting more vulnerable, people in today’s digital age are worried more about the privacy of their information.

Snowden’s revelations have confirmed that there are a lot of different extensive government surveillance machines which are going to churn out all the information from your devices and use them for different uses. It’s not just the government either, data is bought and sold on the dark web daily, in fact, some worrying statistics show that in the USA alone in 2016, a mind-boggling 791 million identities were stolen.

There are several different incidents in the world which do indicate that a massive amount of data is vulnerable to hackers. Emails, phone contacts, bank-related information, and even text messages are an essential part of your mobile phone which can lead to a privacy leak. Today we are going to talk about a host of different privacy applications which are the best for providing privacy on your Android-based mobile phone.

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Here Are The Best Privacy Apps For Android Devices:

Express VPN

VPN is usually good to use stuff if you are looking to unlock geo-restricted content. But the primary motive of a VPN is to encrypt all the traffic that is flowing to and fro from your device. VPN usually routes the traffic via an intermediary server which is far from your location making you secure from hackers, and other intrusive bodies by hiding your digital footprint.

Signal Private Messenger

This is one of the best messengers concerning privacy. Although WhatsApp, Line, Hike, and other messaging apps come with end – to – end encryption but Signal Private Messenger is the most secure one as the primary concern here is all about privacy. The app is open source, and hence anyone can verify the security of the messenger by merely auditing the code. There are no logs that are kept over the server by Signal, and therefore it becomes more secure.

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Mobile number is the most important way to reach you, and whenever you are giving your phone number, you are giving away to knock on your door. By chance, if you give your number to a sales representative, then it might be an issue for you as they can be calling you again and again.  Hushed provides you with a virtual number with which you can create different ids, fill different forms wherein you need one or two callbacks and more.


Google is one of the companies which has all the information of any particular person on this planet. Google stores all the information related to all searches and travels so that they can show you customized ads according to your daily work. DuckDuckGo is another search engine which solves all these issues and does concentrate on privacy, and hence you are not going to store any information nor on your mobile phone or the server of the search engine.


Just like Google Search, Google Maps, and other Google services even the emails are tracked by the company to get you targeted ads according to your needs. This is the same case with other mail providers hence they also cannot promise end – to – end encryption. To solve the issue, we have ProtonMail which is engineered by scientists and is an open source application. With this particular application, you can send password protected emails, and messages that will be self-destructed after a specific duration of time.


Using the same password, again and again, is a huge issue, as if even a single application have any bug, or comes with any tracker by hackers leading to leaking of your password can cause your whole internet security to get affected. Hence you must use LastPass which will actually store all your passwords and even generate them whenever necessary. You can also setup LastPass to automatically change passwords from time to time.

Find My Device

The most secure application by Google is Find My Device. This particular tool will help you to find out your lost phone and have internet connectivity. You can even add up a specific message on your phone so that if anyone found your phone, then he/she can contact you and return your smartphone to you with the most ease.

Smart AppLock

If anyone knows the lock screen password of your mobile phone, then the security of all the apps are compromised. With smart app lock, you can lock some of the apps or folders so that they cannot be accessed with a tap of a finger. This will enable you to explicitly lock apps and folders which are private only to you.

These are the best applications which are tailored for Android smartphones to make your phone secure. What do you think about these applications? If you know any other application do let us know about the same in the comment section below.