Best 5 Free Text to Speech (TTS) Software for 2018

Text to Speech Software

There was a time when Text to Speech Softwares was rather expensive. With the rapid development and increased reliance on technology, today such software is available free of cost. Here’s some free Text to Speech Softwares that you can use.

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The need of Text to Speech Software

This software is incredibly useful for people who are blind or suffer from medical conditions such as dyslexia. This removes the need to read the text on the screen and makes it easy for these people to understand what is written.

Text to Speech Software is also great if you want to find some mistakes in a document. Hearing what you have written is a great way to identify the mistakes.

So, if you believe that you could benefit from a Text to Speech Software then here is a list of some of the best Text to Speech Software.

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Top 3 Text to Speech Softwares in 2018 – 

#1 Balabolka

Balabolka is an easy to use free text to Speech software. It lets you copy a piece of text and paste it into the program and have it read to you. Alternatively, you could also open the supported file formats such as DOC, PDF, and HTML.

The software offers eight different voices to choose from and you can also save the speech in MP3 and WAV formats. The software also provides a bookmark feature so that you could begin the narration from the same point where you left it during the previous session.

This makes Balabolka one of the best free Text to Speech Software.

#2 WordTalk

WordTalk is an amazing Text to Speech software for MS Word. The add-on is compatible with multiple versions of Word and can be accessed via a toolbar or ribbon. The add-on isn’t that great from a designers perspective and is fairly basic. It still supports SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 voices which can be tweaked as per your needs.

The add-on also lets you save these narrations and the keyboard shortcuts make it easier to access the feature as well. Overall, WordTalk is a great handy little add-on for MS Word.

#3 Natural Reader

Natural Reader is one of the best Text to Speech software which can be used in a couple of ways. You can either load the documents into the library or use the OCR mode which lets you upload a scanned copy or photo of the text. This feature is truly impressive and makes Natural Reader the go-to software.

The floating toolbar feature of the software lets you highlight a piece of text and use have it read to you. This makes the software usable in web browsers, word processors and lots of other places.

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#4 indiantts

Indiantts is a free to use software or online web platform that offers text to speech in Indian voices. For instance. if you would like to use an text to speech software in Hindi, this one would be an great alternative for you. Apart from Hindi and English, the site offers TTS in other indian languages like Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. 

This one has some of the efficient features like Speech speed filter, High quality sound output, Indian names conversion and normalization rule customization etc.

#5 Readspeaker

Readspeaker is also one of the best multilingual text to speech softwares available offering a bunch of native languages world wide. In this online TTS software, you can use text to speech in languages like English, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish, Russian any many more.

This one would be useful to read online text documents. Whatever there’s no option to download your speech from the site which is supposed to be one of the disadvantage of it. Still it’s a good alternative to others.

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This was our list of top 5 Text to Speech software on the web which is available for free. I hope you liked it and would definitely try one of these.