Download BetterCCIconsPro tweak for iOS & Customize stock Control Center


Here is another brilliant tweak for CydiaBetterCCIconsPro lets you mod the stock Control Center and change the themes to your liking. This means you could make your iPhone stand out from the rest with this simple tweak.


BetterCCIconsPro has been developed by Dev4i and it allows you to change the shape and color of connectivity icons. What makes it better from numerous other such tweaks is that it is a full-fledged theming engine for the Control Center. It allows the user to customize the color of every single Control Center modules. It also features the Glyph theme, ability to adjust the icon shapes along with a dark mode.

Download BetterCCIconsPro

BetterCCIconsPro was initially supposed to be a standalone Control Center customization tweak. However, it evolved and now you can use it to apply any theme you want to.

You might find that right now the tweak doesn’t feature a lot of themes. However, you don’t need to worry as the developers are working on new themes that will be released in a while.

The tweak is available for download at and it works perfectly with the iOS 11. It will cost you £1 and if you don’t want to spend money then try the lite version for free.

Features of BetterCCIconsPro

  • The enable function is used to turn on/off the theme.
  • The Shape feature allows you to change the shape of the icons.
  • Dark Background mode adds a black background to the connectivity modules.
  • The “change glyphs only” applies glyph theme to the icons.
  • The orientation feature lets you change the orientation of the connectivity modules.
  • The Color feature lets you change the color of each module as per your choice.

Once you have made the changes you need to respring the springboard to confirm them.

Overall, BetterCCIconsPro is a great tweak to change the Control Center if you are bored with the same old look.

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