Download BetterW & unlock iOS WhatsApp Hidden features

BetterW whatsapp tweak

BetterW is here to help you unlock WhatsApp on iOS. Here’s a guide on how to download it and add new features to WhatsApp.

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BetterW ?

WhatsApp is one of those social media application that comes with some secret features. These features are present in the code but are unavailable to the user. The only way you can get them is by changing the code. This is what BetterW does and here are some of its results.

You can disable read receipts, allows you to check which contact is online or offline quickly, WhatsApp asks for confirmation before making a call, you can also save messages once someone deletes them. That’s quite similar to the features available on GBWhastapp for Android.

The tweak presents you with an easy to use settings menu. It allows you to toggle one or all of these features with a swipe on your screen.

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How to enable it?

So, if you really want to enhance your WhatsApp experience then you should get BetterW. It is totally free and features no advertisements. The developers are planning to add features such as sim-calling and hiding “Online” status as well.

Download BetterW for iOS – 

To download the tweak you need to visit this site. Just make sure to remove Watusi, WhatsApp+ or other similar tweaks as they might cause a crash.

You need to be careful as the tweak doesn’t offer any DRM protection or a jailbreak detection bypass. Though WhatsApp isn’t famous for banning the users but there are cases when users have been banned for using WhatsApp++.

BetterW Features in Details

  • No Read Receipts

The no read receipt allows you to find out when another user reads your message. It works just on your device which means they won’t have any idea when you read their messages.

  • Who is Online

This feature shows you a list of contacts that are online or offline. You don’t need to check each contact individually. Online users have a green circle around their DP while the offline ones will have a red one.

  • Confirm a call

The vanilla WhatsApp doesn’t confirm if you want to make a voice/video call. This can lead to accidental calls. This feature ensures that such a thing never happens by asking for a confirmation.

  • Don’t Delete

Sometimes, a user might send you a message and delete it. The tweak doesn’t let that happen and also shows a title below the message which tells you that it was deleted.

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Problems with the tweak

There are issues when you need to open the conversation for the online/offline tweak to work properly. The developer says that WhatsApp might prevent the tweak from accessing the details via server-side checks. The deleted message take some time to be displayed and can interfere with the normal messages.