Bypass Fortnite’s jailbreak Detection on iOS 11.3.1 / 11.4 Electra Jailbreak

Bypass Fortnite’s jailbreak Detection on iOS 11.3.1 / 11.4 Electra Jailbreak
Method to bypass Fortnite's jailbreak detection for iOS 10-11 firmware.

Jailbreak is necessary to get the latest tweaks and themes running on your iPhone or iOS device.  But all of these advantage comes with a major disadvantage of jailbreak detection that prevents you to run any specific app on a jailbroken iPhone / iPad or iPod-s. Fortnite has already been released for iOS 11 users and Fortnite has now an inbuilt jailbreak detection tool. Users who have jailbroken their iOS device using the latest Electra1131 or also older jailbreak users are prevented from playing Fortnite on their modified device.

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Basically this step is taken to prevent the game from spoiling by hackers as jailbreak allows you to run few in-game cheating tools like iGameGuardian. A DRM feature has been implemented by Epic games that prevents jailbreak users from running the game. That’s why, Due to the fortnite jailbreak detection users are barred from accessing fortnite servers.

How Fortnite Jailbreak Detection Works ?

As said above, the newly implemented DRM detects a few files such as tarwhen, chown, cp, gzip, ls, bzip2, cat, chmod, ls, mv, su when you try to run the game. And once the fortnite app detects these following files on your jailbreak device, the app fails to run and this is how fortnite jailbreak detection works on iOS devices. But nothing is impossible, and you can bypass Fortnite’s Jailbreak on your iOS 11 firmware. Here’s how to do it.

How to Bypass Fortnite’s Jailbreak Detection on iOS 11 – 

Method 1 to Bypass Fortnite Jailbreak Detection  – 

  • Launch Cydia on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to Sources > Edit and tap on Add.
  • You’ll need to download Fortnite Jailbreak Detection Bypass Tool namely “fortnite bypass” package .Deb file from this link –
  • Copy and paste the above URL in the address of Akusio’s source.
  • Simply download and install the Fortnite jailbreak detection bypass tool.
  • Reboot your device once and you’re ready to play Fortnite. As now you’ve successfully bypassed the fortnite jailbreak detection, you will not any kind of jailbreak detected popup while launching the game.

Method 2 to Bypass Jailbreak Detection of Fortnite for iOS 10-11 – 

  • Download Filza File manager from here – repo and launch it.
  • Navigate to the root “/”  directory and now you’ve to rename the “bin” file.
  • Tap on the file and copy the original file to somewhere else as a backup. 
  • Now again tap on the original “bin” file present in the root directory of your iPhone and rename the file to something else. You can use any name. Like renaming the folder to “bn” from “bin”. Or rename it it “binn”. Use any name whatever you want.
  • It will bypass fortnite jailbreak detection and now you can play the game in peace.