Chandrayaan-2, India will Launch its Second Lunar Mission in April

Chandrayaan 2 lunar mission in April

ISRO is going to conduct its second lunar mission  Chandrayaan-2 in April this year. India’s Chandrayaan 1 was India’s first lunar probe which was launched in October 2008 and included a probe, impactor & orbiter and operated until August 2009. The Chandrayaan 1 mission had discovered the presence of water molecules on the surface of the moon. As per reports, now India is going to launch the further extension of this mission – Chandrayaan 2.

Space Minister Jitendra Singh said, “India is going to launch Chandrayaan-2 in April. It is under Chandrayaan-1 mission that the ISRO (Indian Space Reaserch Organisation) spotted water on the moon. Chandrayaan-2 is a further extension of the project and it is as good as landing a man on the moon,”.

“Chandrayaan-2 is one of the most remarkable ISRO missions of 2018 and it will be a world event,”, Dr singh further added.

Chandrayaan 2 mission will place a robotic rover on the moon, and Singh said, “This is as good as landing a man on the Moon.”

According to ISRO, “The mission will carry a six-wheeled Rover which will move around the landing site in a semi-autonomous mode as decided by the ground commands. The instruments on the rover will observe the lunar surface and send back data, which will be useful for analysis of the lunar soil.”

The spacecraft itself weighs three tons and it will be launched into the space from Sriharikota using the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle MK II or GSLV MK II. This 800 crore worth mission aims to put an orbiter around the moon, from which a lander and a rover would detach and reach the lunar surface. As per the reports, the Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft will carry 13 scientific instruments to analyze the soil , and to conduct the next level of scientific studies for moon quakes while mapping lunar resources.

ISRO’s  Chandrayaan2 will land very close to the south pole of moon. And this type of Landings in thin atmosphere and low gravity of the moon are very tricky. Previous moon landing was performed on the lunar equatorial region, but this one won’t be like others. This is what that makes  Chandrayaan 2 something unique. More than 100 scientists and engineers are working overtime to finalize india’s Chandrayaan 2 lunar mission within the time.

Dr. singh said Chandrayan-2 would be a breakthrough mission not only for india, but for the entire world, it would make indian proud & also reinforce India’s capabilities and supremacy in the comity of world nations.