Chipset Manufacturer Qualcomm Started Testing On Self-Driving Cars in California

Department of Motor Vehicles of California issued permit to Qualcomm to test autonomous vehicles on the roads.The popular chipset maker has started working on autonomous vehicles with a aim to bring self-driving cars in the market.

Last year Qualcomm announced a plan to acquire NXP, a company which sells automotive components. The deal has not closed yet. Also many other companies started testing the self-driving technology. A year ago Nvidia got permit to test self-driving cars in california. Nvidia has automotive partners including Tesla,Volvo and Toyota. Also previously samsung picked up a permit for the same.

Qualcomm’s Vice president of product manager said in an interview,”We certainly expect to be a key player in the autonomous space,”. It’s quite pretty much sure that the company is gearing up to gain a strong foothold in the self-driving car market.

Though Qualcomm denied to comment on their upcoming products. Qualcomm previously announced the 9150 C-V2X chipset. This new chipset enables cars to communicate between other cars as well as infrastructures like following like traffic lights. The company already started field trials of self-driving vehicles in San Diego County, california. Qualcomm will also conduct similar tests in china, Michigan , Germany and Italy.