What is Cloud computing

Cloud computing started its reign from 2006 when amazon.com released its Elastic compute cloud. Though the start-up began as early as 1977 by ARPANET, cloud computing came into existence since 2000. As soon as it become a subject to look upon, companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and even NASA began developing its base as this technology would make a secure and accessible from all platforms and much more versatile. Now using this method any information from the database can be fetched easily and used.

Previously these data had to be searched from the mass load of offline storage which were a headache even in that time.

In early April of 2008, Google launched its Google App Engine, which infact use this cloud server to fetch data from user search results. And then Google launched its first android in year 2009 followed by its Nexus line-up, and rest lies upon infront of us.

By that year NASA launched its project OpenNebula, which is the first ever open-source software for deploying private and hybrid clouds. It was one of the major step for IT (Information Techonology) sector from shifting their base into software based framewok from previous used hardwared based framework which was relatively slow and mosre costly. Which lead to the growth of this sector rapidly.

Accessing Cloud service is easier and much more efficient on fetching data as well as uploading user data and security of that private data as well. Now a days cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mediafire,etc are used and offer a limited assigned space for free.

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