Coolpad Sued Xiamoi for Infringing its three Patents

Coolpad Sued Xiamoi for Infringing its three Patents

The china based smartphone manufacturer xiamoi recently got sued by one of its chinese rivals Coolpad for infringing three of its patents. According to reports, all these three patents are related to Icon management, System UI & App Notifications.

Xiaomi has developed products and sold them in the market illegally infringing on Coolpad’s various patents. And according to cooldpad, it caused them huge financial damage and the company is looking for compensation from Xiamoi.

Coolpad CEO Jiang Chao said they holds more than 10,000 patents in the mobile phone industry. “Many companies are stolen or stealing our core technologies and patents. We will also take patent litigation against some related companies in the next step.”

While it seems that xiamoi is the first to receive the copyright infringement notice from Coolpad. The three patent numbers are ZL200610034034.8 , ZL201210250264.3 & ZL201210064396.7 .

Coolpad Patent Infringements – 

Patent No. ZL200610034034.8 is titled as “Collaboration Method and Interface System for Mobile Communication Terminal” ; the invention patent right of the patent number ZL201210250264.3 titled “the handling method of new event of terminal and application program”; and the patent number of ZL201210064396.7 is “terminal and application icon Management method “of the invention patent rights.

Also xiamoi has already started working for MIUI 10, which comes under this patent infringement case, as expected it could delay the development. Coolpad ordered xiamoi to immediately stop production and selling products which has the alleged violation of the plaintiff invention patents.