How to Create a .edu email Address for Free

Create a .edu email Address for Free
Best method to get e free edu email id.

Want to get a .edu email address for free ? of course you can and that’s why you’re here. Basically .edu email addresses are hosted on a .edu domain. The .edu refers to a educational institution, and this type of email addresses are generally given to faculty and students of the same college/university. Normally every college issues a free edu email address for their students, but you would lose access to your EDU email upon graduation. Today i’ll show you the best method to get a free EDU email address for lifetime. Most common reasons for a getting .edu email ID is to fetch the benefits of several types of discounts which comes with it. In India we don’t have much benefits of a edu email id, but students from US or other countries can get great benefits of it. If you’re not a student or faculty of a college, then this trick will help you to get one free edu email id. New method has been added at the end of this article (updated on 27May 2018 – 11.14AM IST), check Method 4.

Benefits of having a .edu email address – 

  • Amazon Prime free for 180 days.
  • Github’s Student Developer Pack
  • Special discounts on products of Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Bitbucket, Connectify, Dell, Idrive, Intel, Interserver, Jetbrains, JourneyEd, Lastpass, Matlab, Mindsumo, Newegg, Norton, Prezi, Roboform, Spotify, Squarespace, The Washington Post, Vertabelo.
  • Free access to Microsoft Office 365, Unidays
  • Google Drive & Dropbox gives more space for @edu mail address.
  • And many more discounts and freebies.

Get a .edu email Address for Free – 

Method #1 (Free method)

  • First of all you’ll need to have a United States Address ( California) , if you’re not a resident of US then you can create a fake or virtual address. Visit fake address generator, now enter Random state, city and zip code and that’s all. A long list of address will appear on your screen and save any one as we’ll need it.
  • Once you’ve your virtual US address, you’re ready for the next step. Now visit Visit CCCApply website.
  • Now click ‘Select a community college‘ & select ‘Canada College’ from the options.
  • Next step a form will appear on your screen. Simply enter any details, with your current email get to get the EDU email and at last click Apply for admission. Enter the generated California address and school details while applying
  • Now submit your application, and that’s pretty much all.
  • You’ll receive your free .edu email id as in your given email address after submitting the application.

Method #2 (not free)

If you don’t want to waste your time by using the above method to get a free edu email address. Then you can one Unique and Valid .Edu E-mail Address instantly for cheap around $19. And it works flawlessly. Simply visit studentHub and order one.

Method #3 (not free)

If you want to get edu email addresses in bulk then generating one by one will be much time consuming. And purchasing .edu emails in bulk will be costly enough. Then you can follow these steps.

  • Register a .edu domain ( from any domain register like GoDaddy or any other. It’ll just cost you few dollars like $7-$10.
  • Host the domain with a hosting provider. Typically it’ll cost you more few dollars.
  • Now Go to your hosting account’s Cpanel and generate edu email IDs in bulk, and it’s free and less time consuming.

Method 4 to get edu email address (working) –

  •  Visit and select Cuesta College from the dropdown menu and hit apply.
  • It will redirect you to Cuesta College’s website.
  • Click on Apply Online Today for the latest term.
  • You will be taken to .
  • Create an account using fake name, address, and SSN from .
  • After signing up, click on start a new application .
  • From the list, select Cuesta College.
  • Go to Start Application and fill up the application with the generated fake data and credentials.
  • In email field enter your real email I’d as of now to get the edu email account.
  • Submit the application. You should get an email with instructions to get your .edu email within 24 – 48 hours ( ).

We hope this article will help you get free edu email addresses, we’re looking for more free methods. And once we get to know about it, the same will be posted here. For any queries comment down below.