How to Create A Free Website with Free Domain & Hosting

Creating a website is a fashion nowadays, and what if I tell you that you can make a website for free of cost? At any point in life, we all have dreamed about building our own website, but it needs an investment of a few dollars. That’s not true, today we’ll be showing you the best method to build your free website without using any kind of services like Weebly or Wix, You’ll get your own hosting account with Cpanel access & domain for exactly free. Also, you can use themes and templates, or get your job done by a low-cost website design company.

First, you’ll need to get a domain, it means the name of your website. If suppose you want your website name to be then your domain name is “xyz”, also you can use your old domain. Next, you’ll need to get a hosting account unless you host your domain into a server it is inaccessible. Follow all the steps one by one and it’ll definitely help you to make your free website. You can also watch the embedded youtube video for more clarification about this tutorial.

Create a free website – 

  1. Register Free Domain First you’ll need to register a free domain. So we’ll use to get our domain, DOT provides a free domain with .tk extension. If you need a .com domain then you’ll need to use any top-level domain provider like  GoDaddy. But for basic websites, you can use DOT, and it provides a good quality free domain. Simply Go to DOT and in the search field, simply enter keyword and search for your preferred domain name.

As here, I entered Gadgetcubes, so it’ll show up all available free domain names. Now simply click on Get it Now! on the next screen you’ll need to provide your email address and fill the details. A link will be sent into your email id, so check the link and verify it. And your domain will be registered successfully. Now you’ve got your free domain.

2. Get a free Hosting After getting a free domain, now you’ll need hosting. So for free hosting, I’ll suggest you use Dreamnix . So simply Go to the Dreamnix website, and choose the free plan.

The Cloud Free hosting plan gives 1 GB Diskspace, 1 GB per month bandwidth, 1 Site & Database, Cpanel & Free SSL. So simply click on the free plan, now you’ll need to provide your details including email address. It will send a verification message to your mail. Click on that and verify it. After verifying you’ll get an option like this show below.

After activation, now click on try now. And it should redirect you into CPanel. From Cpannel we need to add our previously purchased domain.

3. Add domain into your hosting – From C panel simply scroll down and you’ll get an option called add on domain. click on it and now input your registered domain information in the add on domain section.

Enter your domain name, and check the box beside create an FTP account. And simply add this domain. As it’s free hosting, it can host only one domain.

4. Get new Name Server Information – After adding your domain into your hosting account, now you’ll need to get the name server information. On the upper side of your screen, you’ll see an option of DNS/IP, so click on it.

Now it’ll show three name servers in red color like, & So now we’ve to add this name server information in our purchased domain.

5. Update Name servers – Now again open up the DOT website, and go to your account. click on hosting and go to name server details.

Now you’ll need to change the existing name server with the new ones.

Click on use custom nameservers, now delete all existing name server information and add those three name server names one by one as shown and click on change name servers. And you’ll name servers will be changed and your domain will be hosted with the free Dreamnix hosting.

6. Now you can go to Cpanel and start building your own website with any free website builder software. I’ll suggest you install WordPress. Simply open CPanel and click on software installation applications. Now give your login username and password details click install WordPress. That’s it, now simply add content into your website and customize it as you want. And your website may look like our website Gadgetcubes. In this way you can easily create a free website.

For more details, watch this video – 

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