Crypto Currency Mining Android Malware harms android

A new Malware found in android, Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi  is reported to be present inside apps distributed through third-party app store, browser ads and SMS-based spam . Researchers from Kaspersky Lab have named it “Jack of all trades”.

The malware Loapi contains a code that mines Monero, a new crypto currency. The mining strains the processor to its full potential and have an effect on battery and performance.

When the secret mining in going on for two days, the battery starts to form a buldge and the back cover starts to rise up.

Loapi not only mines crypto currency secretly, but send a barrage (huge load) of ads to the user and there is no end to it.

The host phone is under the control of the hacker and they can purchase any premium subscription and send the details through text only.

The infected phone can be used as a foot soilder for DDoS attacks, where a master system comands the infected phone to open a perticular website or a program at the same time remotely causing the server to crash and the data to be easily hacked.

Though there is not a single case when Loapi is found on apps from Play Store or App store, but there is a chance if the user starts to sideload apps from unknown sources and try to mine crypto currency from moblie browser.

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