DearMob iPhone Manager : The Ultimate Free to Use solution for iOS Devices

Review of Dearmob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is there for your rescue if you are looking for a perfect iPhone manager that will enable you to manage,  organize, transfer, import, export, rotate, backup, convert, encrypt, make ringtone and is tired with the bounds of iTunes or iCloud.

There might be some time where you just want to quit using the junky and slow iTunes or iClouds services and the things it offers are the bare minimum to transfer files and backing up files, your one-stop solution is DearMob iPhone Manager as an alternative or you may completely migrate to this software after knowing the features it offers.

iTunes offers to manage of your data from Apple device without a clutter-free experience and sometimes you have to browse the internet just for the feature that you want to use, here DearMob is easy-to-use while being fast and secure to manage your files from both iPhone and iPad.

Why use DearMob iPhone Manager?

All-in-one media files management solution:

If you are looking for free music that you can play on your iPhone/iPad, you can easily do that using DearMob iPhone manager, probably that one feature might be the reason for using this software. Also, you can put music on iPhone without iTunes as well if you are wondering about it. It lets you manage your iPhone music and playlists effortlessly by enabling you to import/export, create/modify/delete playlist, edit music info, etc on the go.

DearMob iPhone manager also supports almost all kind of files from photo, video, music, contacts, calendars, SMS, ringtone, app, ebook, Voice, non-iTunes/iTunes purchased files, etc. and you can sideload them in your iPhone/iPad easily. Furthermore, you can create, import, export, modify and delete your music info.

dearmob iphone manager

One-click backup:

The DearMob iPhone manager enables you to fully backup your iPhone data to your computer or USB drive devices in a click. Furthermore, it has a comprehensive way to restore your backup copies to your new iOS devices seamlessly. It just requires a single click to get it done, no hassle or anything like that.

Previously, backing up your device would take literally hours to do, but with unique Level-3 GPU acceleration, you can do that within a few minutes with just one click if that is not enough to surprise you then nothing will. Have a look at the video tutorial embedded below.

How to backup and manage iPhone with DearMob

Flexible File Transfer between Devices

This easy to use iPhone Manager application lets you transfer files between Device and computer without even installing iTunes services. The best part is that there are no pre-set iTunes/iCloud backup limits, so you will not be compromising with your precious data and files.

Better Video management and transfer solution

If you are done with transferring file one by one then there is good news for you. Selecting in a batch is enabled here. Also, you can export photos by days, month, year, by singer, album, etc.

Import and auto-convert any video, audio, eBook to the right format that your iOS device can support and easily sync with your device as well. It is just one click away.

You can convert contacts and text messages into PDF, DOC, TXT easily, which might be useful if you want to have a permanent backup of your messages and save them somewhere safe. You can preview and convert the latest image format HEIC to JPG while exporting.

One of the problem everyone face is having a video file recorded in portrait mode and you have to switch them to landscape mode before watching them properly, now with DearMob iPhone manager you can auto-rotate video to fit iOS Full Screen.

dearmob iphone manager

Features that are offered by on one else

Mount your phone as a USB Flash Drive, which in case of an emergency might be very useful. That can be done as well which is previously not available on your phone.

Install apps that are unavailable on the app store on your mobile device without jailbreaking your phone, though it is unsafe to sideload apps on your iPhone other than App store but sometimes using premium apps for free.

You can easily share the bookmarks from Safari with Edge, Chrome and other browsers and sync them with all other browsers with a single click. You can also manage Pages, Numbers, KeyNotes, GarageBand, etc on iOS 13 and later.

256-bit Military Grade Encryption

You can protect your valuable data using Military-grade encryption which is unbreakable by the DearMob iPhone manager as well. The encryption includes 256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2, Argon2. In short, if you lost your encryption password, your data is as good as deleted. That is the level of encryption DearMob provides you with.

Also, you can share the backup from your iOS device to your Desktop or iCloud without password encryption, this is the feature for those who need it.

You can encrypt your private photos and videos in hard-disk, selectively or in bulk and that 256-bit Military-grade encryption will provide ultimate security to your files and protect them from any leakage that might be the case in iCloud as a vulnerability. So that you can transfer iPhone data with encryption fearlessly.

Overall, in the security department, DearMob offers you the best solution overall.

Level 3 GPU Acceleration Reducing Time

DearMob iPhone Manager use a technology called Level-3 GPU Acceleration which fully use the Nvidia NVENC to their full potential making the transfer of huge files faster and without any problem.

You can easily transfer 4K 360° photos, 4K/8K videos, 3D videos, VR Movies all in quick succession. In average you can transfer 1000 piece of 4K photos in minutes and transfer of 20 GBs of data can be a piece of cake.

More Features:

  • Using DearMob iPhone Manager, mount your iPhone as a USB Flash Drive. It will help you to store anything, share freely.
  • Create your favorite ringtone with iPhone music.
  • install apps from third-party sources that are not in the iOS App Store without jailbreaking your device.
  • Share Safari bookmarks with Edge, Chrome, and other popular web browsers.
  • Manage Pages, Numbers, KeyNotes, GarageBand, etc. on iOS 13 & later versions.


Afterall DearMob iPhone Manager is free to use files management solution for iOS users. It has every single useful core features including All-in-one media files management, intelligent and flexible in video management and transfer; Unique security with military-grade encryption and adopted Level-3 GPU acceleration enabling No.1 fast backup & transferring speed.

With all this lucrative and useful easy to use and beginner-friendly features, DearMob iPhone Manager costs just $39.95 for a single year license (1 Year / 1 PC). Also, there’s a lifetime license (2 PC) that costs $47.95 and the Family License that provides a complete solution of your household has a price tag of just $69.95.

If you are not sure about its reliability, I’ll recommend you to download this easy iPhone manager tool from their website using the link below from the ongoing giveaway. Enter sweepstake of iPad mini from here. Upon going to the link, you’ll get a free license that can be used but would have some limitations. If you really like the application, therefore you can upgrade to a Full License (Lifetime Update) anytime making the initial payment.

Download Dearmob iPhone Manager

The following application supports both windows and mac comprehensively. Download your suitable version from below.

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