“Don’t touch here” Whatsapp Hang Problem Explained, Why whatsapp is getting Hanged ?

dont touch here whatsapp will hang

A new spam message has recently started circulating via whatsapp that is making everyone’s whatsapp application crashed when they’re clicking on the message that is something like – “if you touch the black point then your whatsapp will hang..don’t touch here”. Well it’s not the first time, earlier we’ve seen similar whatsapp hang or crash issues when users were sending a malicious contact file over whatsapp chats. If you click on the malicious spam text, your whatsapp application will stop responding showing an popup “the app has stopped working / responding…please wait..” Want to know the reason of why your whatsapp is getting hanged or freezed after clicking or touching the text “don’t touch here”.

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Why whatsapp is getting hanged after clicking on “Don’t touch here” ?

So i’ve looked into the matter and decoded the issue. And finally I’ve got the reason of this whatsapp hang problem. For understanding the reason, you’ll need to have a basic knowledge about ASCII values. Typically ASCII decimal number is created from binary, which is the language that all computers understand. Each alphabet has its own ASCII value ie. A has a ASCII value of 065. So if you send a text message on whatsapp, the system first breaks down each and every alphabet into ASCII characters. But there’s a limit in the numbers of text (ASCII values) that you can send via a single message in whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp encountered the issue by adding Read more.. feature. But in case of this “Don’t touch here” text, you’ll notice a blank place. At that blank looking space, there are many hidden special characters stored that you can’t even see. Moving your cursor or pointer to the blank space of the text will also make your whatsapp hanged.

So i’ve downloaded the .txt file of the text and opened it in Google chrome. And see what i’ve found. The text contains this many hidden special characters. I’ll need to scroll down my mobile screen 5-7 times if i show you the all characters.

Also i’ve converted the full text into ASCII values, and typically i got thousands of ASCII characters. You’ll need around 30-35 minutes to read the all characters.

As i’ve said before, there’s limit in sending the message on whatsapp. Here when you send this messages, you’re exceeding the limit. Initially the special characters are hidden, so when you get the text it won’t hang your phone. But as there are many characters hidden, when you click or touch the message, whatsapp app won’t be able to read that. And thus it results sudden whatsapp crash. And it’s the whole story. While it is like it effected only few apps, notepad app (clevnote) of my android phone is also crashing after clicking on the text. Though facebook remains unaffected. Still it’s an evil thing using which you can prank or hang whatsapp of your friends.

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How to hang anyone’s whatsapp – send “Don’t touch here” message.

  • You can download the .txt version of the text from here.
  • Download the file, open it up. Copy the message.
  • Send it to your friends on whatsapp. And boom ! when they click or touch the message, their whatsapp will get hanged. 

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