Download & install Facebook Lite on iPhone [iOS 9 & Above]

facebook lite ios

Now you can download and install Facebook Lite on your iPhone. In case you don’t know what exactly is Facebook lite. Basically it’s a very lightweight version of Facebook app that needs less storage space and consume much less data.

It’s been son song, that facebook lite app is available for Android users. On the other hand, the Facebook’s iOS version app is way over 500 MB in size and consumes a drastic amount of data and takes much from the allocated storage space. If you’re someone who wants to free up of storage space and save mobile data, download Facebook Lite app on your iPhone following this guide without jailbreak. The Facebook lite iOS version is just around 5 MB in terms of size.

How to Install Facebook Lite On iPhone

  • Go to this following link – using Safari Browser.
  • Now we need to create a spoofed Apple account. To do this, simply go to the above link first. Then use your secondary email address to create a new spoofed Apple ID. Make sure to select Turkey as your country else it won’t work.
  • Navigate to Settings> iTunes & App Store and tap on your new Apple ID that you’ve just created.
  • Now go to this link and you’ll be asked to open it in app store in a prompt notification. Click on that.
  • Otherwise you can directly launch the iTunes app store from your iPhone and in the search filed type “facebook lite”. From the download page of facebook lite for iOS tap on install. That’s all.
  • It’ll start to download facebook lite app on iPhone or on your iOS running device. Once the installation is complete, the app icon would appear on the last page of your home screen.

Now you can simply use facebook lite on iOS and socialize yourself with your friends without affecting your storage space and mobile data much. Currently Facebook lite is available to install on iOS in Turkey only. It’ll be rolled out to more and more countries in the upcoming days for sure. Till then this guide would be much helpful to use facebook lite on iOS 9.0 or above versions.