How to Download & install iOS 12 Gold Master without Developer Account

iOS 12 Gold Master

Apple has released the final beta build of the iOS 12. The Gold Master update is only available to developers. If you want to run the Gold Master version on your iOS device without getting the developer account then here is the trick.

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What is iOS 12 GM [Gold Master] update ?

The Gold Master update is the closest you can get to the final iOS 12 update. It is about 2.5 GB in size for all the iOS devices with the only exception of iPhone X (around 3 GB). In case, you are wondering what are the improvements then here’s a list for that.

  • Camera app opens 70% faster.
  • Ability to edit RAW photos.
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari
  • Siri shortcuts and lots more.

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Download iOS 12 Gold Master without Developer Account – 

The developer account holder can get the update directly from the update section in the General tab within the settings menu.

If you don’t have the account then they can either get it from the OTA Profile download link or they can download the IPSW firmware file and update via iTunes.

So, if you are using the download profile then the phone will upgrade to the gold master build automatically.

In the case of iTunes update. You need to get the update onto your computer. Connect the phone to the computer and then choose update option in the iTunes.

Why should you get the Gold Master update

The Gold Master version is the final version of the beta and is, therefore, the most stable one. The only reason it can be different from the official 17 September update is that Apple finds that there is a major bug in this build.

The users who are already signed up for the beta program and are noticing some bugs should definitely get the update. This will resolve almost all the issues.

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