Download jelbrekTime jailbreak for Apple watchOS 4.0-4.1

jelbrekTime for watchOS 4.1

Recently recognized German security researcher, Tihmstar has released Apple watchOS 4.1 jailbreak. jelbrekTime apple watchOS jailbreak works on watchOS 4.1 firmware out of the box for Apple watch series 3 lineup. This jelbrekTime is a v0rtex based jailbreak utility that is ever developed for Apple watch.

jelbrekTime uses V0rtex kernel exploit to remount root file system as read and write. Then it gets root access using tfp0 patch and extracts bootstarp.tar package and patchs h3lix kernel.

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Features of  jelbrekTime watchOS 4.1 S3 Jailbreak – 

  • Exploits kernel using v0rtex.
  • Gets tfp0 patch and stores it to hsp4.
  • Applies h3lix kernel pacthes.
  • Remounts root filesystem “/” as rw.
  • Extracts bootstrap.tar .

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Compatibility – 

watchOS 4.1 – 

As said above, it will work on Apple watchOS 4.1 firmware on Apple watch series 3. To jailbreak anything other than Apple Watch S3 on 4.1, you’ll need to modify the code github repo.

watchOS 4.0-4.1 – 

If you want to jailbreak apple watchOS 4.1 using jelbrekTime, you’ll need to add add more offsets to offsetfinder.c and that’s all. Download OTA updates from and run offsetfinder to find offsets.

watchOS 3.x – 

Apart from that, jelbrekTime is incompatible with watchOS 3.x. You would need to make chnages in the kernel patches to get it using.

How to jailbreak watchOS 4.0-4.1 using jelbrekTime – 

  • Clone or download Github repository tihmstar/jelbrekTime –
  • Open in Xcode, and select certificate for main app or watch app or watch extension.
  • Build and run the iOS app on your iOS device.
  • Navigate to Settings > General > Profiles and trust your certificate.
  • Again run the iOS app on your phone using Xcode.
  • Build and run Watchkit app on the watch.
  • Now wait for the app to get installed. It will take much time.
  • Wait for Xcode to tell you launching failed, then launch the app manually on the watch.
  • Make sure to accept the trust certificate on the watch.