Download macOS Mojave Wallpapers & Get Dynamic Wallpaper Effect On Any Mac

download macOS mojave dynamic wallpapers

Now you can get macOS Mojave Dynamic wallpaper effect on any mac without installing the beta build of macOS Mojave  . At the WWDC 2018 event, along with the iOS 12 firmware apple also announced macOS Mojave with fare new features. macOS Mojave has few exciting features like dark mode, neat way to manage files, new stacks that bring file organization option from dock, quick look, file finder features using meta data and dynamic wallpaper effect.

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The dynamic wallpaper effect of macOS Mojave changes the color of your desktop wallpaper based on the time of day. It helps user to customize work environment with a time-shifting desktop picture that changes to match the time of day. At the end of day, the macOS Mojave’s dynamic wallpaper feature will turn a daytime photo darker to give a nighttime feel or vice-versa. Here in this article, i’ll show you how to get macOS Mojave dynamic wallpaper effect feature on any mac. We’re proving you links to download macOS Mojave dynamic wallpapers.

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macOS Mojave Dynamic Wallpaper Effect

Download macOS Mojave Wallpapers –

Before getting started, download macOS ojave dynamic wallpapers from here (40MB). After downloading unzip the file contents, place the newly create folder in any location on your mac.

How to Get macOS Mojave Dynamic Wallpaper Effect On Any Mac –

  • Now before opening Desktop & Screen saver panel, go to System Preferences.
  • Click on Desktop option.
  • Now you’ve to drag the newly created macOS mojave’s dynamic wallpaper containing folder into the side panel under locations tab. So simply click and drag the file into the side panel.
  • You should get preview of wallpapers.
  • Tick the “change picture” option.
  • At last choose the time picker “every hour” and that’s all. You’ve successfully enabled macOS mojave dynamic wallpapers on your mac without even installing the beta build of macOS Mojave.

You’ll see the magic of dynamic wallpapers, as the time of the day changes and your desktop screen will be getting a new look with the change of time.

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