Download PUBG Mobile 0.12 Lightspeed Chinese Beta [ Snow Map “Vikendi” ]

PUBG Mobile 0.12 Lightspeed Beta Chinese version

In this winter the online gaming community started catching up some heat as several leaks for the most awaiting snow map “Vikendi” update has already spotted surfacing online on the web. Also the Vikendi snow map is now live on PUBG PC test server before the official roll-out in the upcoming days. And here’s good news for mobile users as finally PUBG Mobile 0.12 Lightspeed Chinese Beta has been released that comes with the snow map. Users can now download the latest Beta to get the all new snow map hands on.

PUBG Mobile snow map
Vikendi Snow Map

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As we all new, the major implementation is the snow map.  Basically, it is a new 6×6 isolated Northern resort snow-themed map that is actually located in the shadow of Mount Kreznic.  Vikendi is a beautiful but intensive map containing a lot of attractions like spacecraft launch site Cosmodrome, or Dino Park, aging Castle etc.

Snow Mobile Vehicle

Apart from the new map, PUBG Mobile 0.12 Chinese Beta brings the G36C Assault Rifle that uses 5.56 ammo and MK-47 Mutant that uses 7.62 bullets. G36C replaces the SCAR-L AR rifle on the Vikendi map. Also, a new 2 seater vehicle called “Snowmobile” will be a snow map exclusive. This new vehicle performs much better than any other vehicle on the in snow or icy areas. Also, it brings up graphical improvements and in-game fixes.


  • Snow theme in the main menu.
  • Vikendi [ 6km x 6km snow map ]
  • Snow ball fight on spawn island.
  • New Vehicle – Snowmobile.
  • New weapon – G36C & MK-47 Mutant.
  • Cross-server matchmaking [ Allows to match players on other servers with the same tier ]
  • New commands in quick chat section.
  • Hardcore arcade mode is back.
  • Graphical Improvements.

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