Download PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Chinese Lightspeed Latest Version

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Chinese Lightspeed latest version

Finally, PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Lightspeed Chinese version has been rolled out for public bringing up new exciting features as well as in-game modifications. PUBG Mobile Chinese lightspeed latest version is developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Of Tencent with Unreal Engine 4 for next-generation PC like audiovisual quality to deliver an exhilarating gaming experience. Let’s have a quick go-through of the newly added features.

The latest Lightspeed version adds Aurora night weather mode to vikendi map. Along with it, there’s a new firearm, Rifle Pistol which uses 9mm bullets and has single-shot and fully automatic modes. Apart from that, a 30 seconds of free carnival time added on classic modes for winner squad letting them to celebrate the joy of their victory. Eliminated teammates will also be able to join that carnival time.

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for the New Year’s campaign of the battlefield, here comes the beast mode where squads have to fight against a dragon monster. There’re will be 4 players and another team, whole match consisting of a total 8 players. While you can’t harm opponent team members in the mode. Players will be spawned randomly in the map to collect weapons and gears, after a time interval zone will start to shrink bringing them closer together where they’ve to fight against the dragon or monster. If you get killed by the beast, you will be re-spawned after 15 seconds. Though if all 8 players get eliminated at the same time, the mission will fail.

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Update Change-log

  • New Weather – Aurora Weather night mode in Vikendi snow map.
  • New Firearms – 9mm Rifle Pistol [single-shot and fully automatic mode].
  • New Year atmosphere Scene in team hall lobby.
  • 30 seconds of free carnival time to celebrate chicken dinner.
  • New special effects.
  • Audio optimization upgrade.
  • Beast mode.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Lightspeed Chinese version

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