Download PUBG Mobile 1.1.9 Chinese Beta Lightspeed Version for Android & iOS

pubg mobile Chinese beta

Finally, Lightspeed and Quantum studious of Tencent released PUBG Mobile 1.1.9 Chinese Lightspeed Beta version for Android and iOS users. The new beta comes with newest features, freshest modifications and top-notch end-user optimizations. 

Well, you might be thinking about what’s special in this China version unlikely the global one. PUBG Mobile Chinese version is specially developed for the Asian country China by developers of Tencent Games, the game is way more optimized than the global version and ahead of a few versions. As a result, it provides a smoother gaming experience and constant higher framerates. 

The latest PUBG Mobile Chinese 1.1.9 beta version comes with a new 4vs4 Arcade mode. This mode is quite similar to the war mode present on the global version of the game for having features like respawn after death, auto health restore. In this mode, there will be 2 teams consisting of a total of 8 players [4 players on both of the sides]. The team has the highest point will be declared as the winner.

Apart from that, there’s is a new gun attachment “canted sight” in the new beta. Canted sight wors like a holographic sight and you can also use a scope with your weapon along with it. It makes it easier to shoot down targets at close distance and even long ranges simultaneously with ease. However, the vertical recoil increases a bit differently while using a canted sight with AR Rifles. 

Also here you get an option to change the classic crosshair color, shapes and kill effects. A new winner winner chicken dinner animation has been implemented where you can cut a cake at the end of the game upon winning the match to celebrate victory in a new way. New firearm  Bison submachine gun is there which uses 9mm ammo. Ahh! nothing more new features are there to read this article further, now straight download the latest Chinese beta of PUBG Mobile from the link provided below for an exhilarating gaming experience.

Changelog – 

  • Footprints on Vikendi Map.
  •  Bison submachine gun [9mm].
  • 4vs4 Arcade mode.
  • Canted sight attachment.
  • New victory celebration animation.
  • Adjust crosshair color, kill effects.
  • UI Optimization.

PUBG Mobile 1.1.9 Chinese Beta Lightspeed [For Android] – Download

PUBG Mobile Chinese 1.1.9 Beta Version [For iOS] – Download

Note for iOS users – open the above link using only safari web browser.