Download PUBG Mobile Beta 0.6 is Now Available, What’s new ?

pubg beta 0.6

Finally PUBG Mobile 0.6 beta global English version is available to download for beta testers. The recent arrival of the latest beta build, clearly means that PUBG 0.6 English version will be released soon for all users. Apart from that PUBG Beta 0.6 comes with bunch of new interesting features and improvements, lets check them out.

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Features of PUBG Mobile Beta 0.6 – 

PUBG Mobile 0.6 beta has the well demanded FPP -First person perspective mode. Till now we’ve been playing PUBG Mobile 0.5 using TPP- Thidr person perspective mode, as the FPP was only available for PUBG Mobile Chinese version users. Also PUBG Beta 0.6 has a new arcade mode where 100 players can join a game in 4×4 map with triple loot drops. It’s quite similar to the classic version.

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Also there’s a new weapon gallery that shows detail about weapons like short guns, assault rifle etc. Now no one can knock out own teammates with vehicles. Along with that, now you can carry sub weapons, for instance it’s like carrying two guns a pistols. All of these are accompanied with major bug fixes and graphics improvements.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Beta 0.6 Global English Version on Android / iOS –

Open up PUBG Mobile and go to mail settings. There you might get an messages under system message tab saying “Beta 0.6.0 has now been released! Please use this link to download the Android client. Also feel free to join us on Discord, where you can provide feedback, interact with players and earn rewards.”

Click on the given link and from there you can download PUBG Beta 0.6 on your android or iOS device.

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Download PUBG Beta 0.6 Global English Version –

Click on this link and join PUBG Mobile Discord. Now type !beta into any of the four beta command threads. Then you’ve to wait a bit and you’ll get an invite to join the beta channel with instruction. From there you can download PUBG Beta 0.6 APK for android or the IPA file on your iOS device.

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