Download PUBG Mobile Timi 0.9.0 APK Update for Android [ QBU, Hologram, Shield Wall, Trap, Stone suit]

PUBG Mobile Timi 9.0
The recently launched PUBG mobile timi version 0.9.0 comes with amazing new features that aligns the game with Fornite. Let's check the features.

Earlier we got sanhok map in PUBG timi version 0.8.0, now Recently Timi studios has released PUBG Mobile Timi 0.9.0 update that is going to change the game-play totally forever enormously. PUBG Mobile Timi 0.9.0 brings a couple of major features that makes the game features identical to that on fortnite.

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A new rifle, QBU88 has been added in the game that is similar to Mini14 which is available on PUBG Mobile global version and light speed or chinese version. But QBU gives you more stable firing ratio and has comparatively lower recoil force. You can add upto a 8x scope with the rifle, that makes this one perfect for both short range and long range. Now you can make multiple holograms of yourself. Basically hologram feature allows you to create a duplicate your body and it can move as you want. If you think there’s a crew of enemy nearby, you can create one or more holograms and put them in-front of them to confuse them. While the enemies are killing your hologram, you can shoot and kill them from a distance. You may create 2, 3, 4 or as many holograms as you want in PUBG Mobile timi 0.9.0.

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Another trap feature has been implemented on PUBG Mobile timi 0.9.0 update. You can place a trap anywhere on the ground, when a enemy will try to go over through it, the trap will spark a powerful electrical shock that will cause much damage or even death to the enemy. Also on PUBG timi version 0.9.0 you can build a tower structure anywhere. For a place where there’s no high location, you can build your own tower to climb up and snipe down enemies. Apart from this, you’ll find shield walls in the game which will protect you from the firing from enemy. 2-3 members can easily hide behind the shield, and no bullets or even frag grenade can break it. As well as you can put multiple shields together. This feature is coming to PUBG PC version too. Along with this, you can plant trees to make a better hiding place and a stone suit has been introduced in PUBG Mobile timi 0.9.0 version. Here I’m proving link to download PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 timi version on Android devices.

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PUBG Mobile Timi 0.9.0 Update Change-log – 

  • New QBU88 rifle.
  • Create own Hologram.
  • Trap feature.
  • Build your own tower structures.
  • Unbreakable shield wall.
  • Create and break trees.
  • Stone suit.
  • Glitch fixes.

Download PUBG Mobile Timi 0.9.0 APK For Android – 

Just go this link – , it shall redirect you to the tenent qq official website from where you can download PUBG Mobile Timi 0.9.0 Update on your device.

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This features are currently in beta phase on PUBG timi version, and soon you’ll get these all feature in light speed Chinese version too. But there’s no information as of now about when this new features are going to be pushed in PUBG Global version, for more updates stay tuned with Gadgetcubes.