Download PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.13 for Android & iOS

PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.13

Earlier PUBG Mobile Timi 0.9.0 version brought new features such as Hologram, Shield Wall, Trap, Stone suit along with a new weapon QBU that aligns the games in line with Fortnite. Recently PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.13 has been released for Chinese users.

So what’s new in PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.13 ? there’re two new vehicles – big foot beast, Ronnie. Basically Ronnie is a small pickup track and big foot beast is a big car that would be helpful in off-road combat situations. Apart from this, a new single-player exclusive training field map comes with PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.13 version where player can enter special combat drills and challenge the control limit for the up-next chicken dinner. Also  PUBG Mobile 1.0.13 Timi has brought a new friend watch system where the buddy can not only play on their own, but also watch friends eat chicken dinner. You can download PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.13 for Android & iOS from the given links below.

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PUBG Mobile 1.0.13 Timi Update Change-log – 

  • All new training field map, single player exclusive.
  • New vehicle – big foot beast, Ronnie.
  • The new team match.
  • A new optimized version of the Friend Watch System.
  • Press and hold the aiming button to open the mirror.
  • Other in-game and firearm optimizations.

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Download PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.13 for Android – 

To download PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.13 on your android device, just click here.

PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.13 Download for iOS – 

iOS users can download and install PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.13 version from here.

Note – In case the above links aren’t working, you can go to the official website – and download pubg mobile timi latest version.

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