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timemover for iphone ipad ios 10
download timemover for ios 10

Your Wallpaper on your iPhone getting in way with your clock? A new iPhone tweak called the TimeMover by iOS developer NeinZeid99 may come in handy. This tweak will help you re-orient your lockscreen clock with your wallpaper.

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TimeMover Tweak

This tweak will enable you to move the lock-screen clock according to your will. You can not only move , but also resize and rotate your the clock easily. The native iOS 10 does not allow adjustments from the clocks’ original position. The tweak has a tap n drag based interface and is fairly easy to use. TimeMover is only compatible with iOS 10.

It comes with these exciting features –

  • Toggle tweak on or off on demand
  • Toggle editing mode on or off
  • Toggle fine-tuning mode on or off
  • Enable automatic alignment to lines or curves
  • Enable haptic feedback
  • Choose placement for automatic alignment
  • Disable the date subtitle
  • Disable the ‘press home to unlock’ text
  • Disable the page dots
  • Disable Lock screen scrolling
  • Enable vibrant effects
  • Save up to three preferred Lock screen clock position profiles
  • Reset everything to factory defaults

Below is a demo showing the working of the tweak.

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due credits to NeinZeid99.

Once you have installed the tweak, go into the settings section to play around with the following configurations-

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Download TimeMover Tweak

The tweak is available on the BigBoss Cydia repo to download for $1.99.

Download latest version here.

The tweak is incompatible with the Hotdog Tweak, the rotation feature doesnt work when HotDog is installed.

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