Download Xiaomi Mi A2 Android Pie 9.0.0 Official Beta Update [Installation Guide]

Android Pie 9.0.0 Beta for Mi A2
An Android Pie 9.0.0 Beta ROM for Xiaomi Mi A2 has been leaked online. Here's how to download and install it to get handson Android Pie 9.0 experience on Mi A2 right now.

Mi A2 is one of the most popular Google powered android one smartphones, which is being sold and manufactured by Xiaomi. Xiaomi’s Mi A series lineup devices offer pure stock android experience unlikely heavily skinned MIUI 10 and also provide time-to-time monthly security patches and updates. Just a few days back, Xiaomi Mi A2 Android Pie 9.0.0 Official Beta ROM has been leaked online ahead of its official reveal. Mi A2 was launched earlier with Android Oreo 8.1 running out of the box. And the recent development progress is pretty much everything to signify that xiaomi is about to release the first Android Pie 9.0 beta for Mi A2. You can now download Xiaomi Mi A2 Android Pie 9.0.0 Official Beta Update and try the latest features out.

As like the stock android experience, Xiaomi Mi A2 Android Pie 9.0 won’t offer any kind of customization so far except a few customizable options in the stock camera app. Talking about the new features, Mi A2 Android 9.0 Pie Beta has Adaptive Battery feature as well as renewed filled-in navigation buttons that supports navigation gestures as well. Here is how you can download Android Pie 9.0 Beta for Mi A2 and install it up. Some screenshots from Mi A2 Android Pie Beta build is provided below.

But before going ahead, keep in mind that it might be an beta ROM that’s is in very early development stage and might include some major or minor bugs. You would need a unlocked device with TWRP recovery installed to install Android Pie Beta on Xiaomi Mi A2. You may use fastboot commands if you’re comfortable playing with manual commands. Here i’ll show you two methods to install Mi A2 android pie beta update.

Caution – Take a backup of your important files and data. Also your device might get bricked or damaged completely if anything goes wrong during the process. So proceed at your very own responsibility. Still if you point your finger at me for messing up your android device, I will laugh at you. 

Download Android Pie 9.0.0 Beta for Xiaomi Mi A2 – 

Mi A2 Android Pie 9.0 ROM – Download.

Parted Patched Boot Image – Download.

How to install Android Pie 9.0.0 Beta on Mi A2 – 

Make sure you’re device is rooted and TWRP recovery is installed to flash the ROM Zip and boot image. Root access isn’t necessary. But in case of a rooted device, disable any active xposed framework module or Magisk Modules before flashing. Let’s dig in.

  • Place the downloaded Mi A2 Android Pie Beta ROM Zip and the boot image on the internal storage of your device.
  • Now switch off the phone and boot into TWRP recovery mode.
  • From the TWRP screen, navigate to Wipe> Advanced Wipe and select system, data, cache and dalvik cache. Then swipe to wipe.
  • Now go to install, locate the downloaded Mi A2 android pie 9.0 ROM zip and swipe to flash it. It’ll take some time.
  • After that, again go to install. From the bottom screen, navigate to Flash Boot> Install image, Then locate and Flash the Boot img.
  • Click on Reboot. First boot would take some time. 

Method 2 – Install Android Pie 9.0 Beta ROM on Mi A2 using Fastboot 

If the above TWRP method isn’t working, or just in case you don’t have TWRP. Here is the second method when you’ve play with some commands to get your job done.

Requirements – 

  • Windows 7 or newer versions.
  • Unlocked Bootloader. 
  • Payload Drumper.
  • Python.

Guide – 

  • Download Payload Drumper for windows from here and extract all the files on your PC. After extraction you would see two folders payload_input and payload_output and the Payload Drumper exe program file.
  • Now extract the downloaded Xiamoi Mi A2 Android Pie 9.0 Beta ROM. Now copy the payload.bin file from the extracted files and move it into the playload_input folder.
  • After than, just run the payload_dumper.exe and a command prompt window will open starting the process. And once the process is complete the CMD window will close automatically. It’ll create a bunch of image files inside the payload_output folder.
  • Now go to payload_output folder, and copy all image files into the ADB folder which is might be located in the C drive of your PC.
  • Then in the adb folder where you’ve just pasted all of the files, press control and shift together and also do a right click on screen. Then choose open a command prompt window here. Alternately from the folder, hit the address bar and type CMD and hit enter. It will also open up a CMD window on that location.
  • Now copy and enter these following fastboot commands from below in CMD window on by one to flash the Mi A2 Android Pie 9.0.0 Beta ROM zip images manually.

Fastboot Commands – 

fastboot flash bluetooth_a bluetooth.img 
fastboot flash bluetooth_b bluetooth.img 
fastboot flash devcfg_a devcfg.img 
fastboot flash devcfg_b devcfg.img 
fastboot flash dsp_a dsp.img 
fastboot flash dsp_b dsp.img 
fastboot flash modem_a modem.img 
fastboot flash modem_b modem.img 
fastboot flash xbl_a xbl.img 
fastboot flash xbl_b xbl.img 
fastboot flash pmic_a pmic.img 
fastboot flash pmic_b pmic.img 
fastboot flash rpm_a rpm.img 
fastboot flash rpm_b rpm.img 
fastboot flash tz_a tz.img 
fastboot flash tz_b tz.img 
fastboot flash hyp_a hyp.img 
fastboot flash hyp_b hyp.img 
fastboot flash keymaster_a keymaster.img 
fastboot flash keymaster_b keymaster.img 
fastboot flash cmnlib64_a cmnlib64.img 
fastboot flash cmnlib64_b cmnlib64.img 
fastboot flash cmnlib_a cmnlib.img 
fastboot flash cmnlib_b cmnlib.img 
fastboot flash abl_a abl.img 
fastboot flash abl_b abl.img 
fastboot flash boot_a boot.img 
fastboot flash boot_b boot.img 
fastboot flash system_a system.img 
fastboot flash system_b system.img 
fastboot flash vendor_a vendor.img 
fastboot flash vendor_b vendor.img 
fastboot flash mdtp_a mdtp.img 
fastboot flash mdtp_b mdtp.img 
fastboot flash mdtpsecapp_a mdtpsecapp.img 
fastboot flash mdtpsecapp_b mdtpsecapp.img

fastboot erase ddr 
fastboot reboot

For flashing patched boot image you can use the following command. This is an optional method unless you want to get root access.

fastboot flash boot_a patch_boot.img 
fastboot flash boot_b patch_boot.img

While flashing system and vendor, if you get “invalid sparse file format at header magi” warning, ignore it and wait for sometime. Then try again, it would get resolved. Upon installing the xiaomi Mi A2 android pie 9.0 beta, the first boot would take a bit long time. And once booted, you can the flavor of android pie on your Mi A2. And that’s all, now you’ve got Android Pie 9.0 on Mi A2, enjoy the new OS.