Facebook States They Aren't Collecting Users Aadhaar Data, It Was Just A Small Test

Many people were reporting that facebook is asking them to enter their name as on their Aadhaar card. Facebook’s new prompt was first spotted saying “using the name on your Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognize you”.

Facebook is one of most widespread social networking websites around the word. It has 2 billion users on its network with over 241 million active users from India. In a recent report, facebook clarifies that its recent prompt of asking for Aadhaar name was not mean to collect users aadhaar details.

The company marked this aadhaar prompt as a small test,and says it has finished. There are millions of people in facebook, not using their real names. This move from facebook was just to help new users to sign up facebook with their real name.

Product manager of Facebook,Taichi Hoshino said in a blog article,“There have been a number of reports about a small test we ran in India to help new users sign up to Facebook. Some have interpreted this test as a request for people’s Aadhaar information when you sign up for a Facebook account. This is not correct. The test, which has now finished, merely includes additional language on the account sign-up page to explain that using their Aadhaar name will help family and friends recognize them. We are not collecting Aadhaar data and do not require people to enter their Aadhaar name when they sign up to Facebook”.

Further more facebook said it was an optional prompt only and users may neglect this. And there is no plans from the company to ask for Aadhaar card identity proof in future as of now.

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