Facebook is testing a Micropodcasting type ‘Voice Clip’ status feature

Facebook is testing a Micropodcasting type ‘Voice Clip’ status feature

This year Facebook has started to refine its platform by bringing up several changes and features. Few weeks back Facebook implemented major change to its news feed which now shows more posts from friend & family and shows less ads. Also as per reports Facebook is now testing a Downvote Button. Currently Facebook is getting more serious about voice-enabled features and it is already working on smart home speakers named as Fiona and Aloha that are likely to launch around July this year. A newly surfaced tech crunch report claims that Facebook is testing a new feature called “Add Voice Clip” that appears in its status update composer menu.

We all know its easier to record a voice rather than typing a status. Voice Clips could let people share compelling, deeply personal content even if they’re home or anywhere. Moreover this doesn’t need video capture or editing savvy, or a there’s no need of a nice smartphone camera. As long as you’ve a smartphone with internet, you can use this straight forward. Facebook hopes this new micropodcasting type voice clip feature would bring more engagements in today’s social network era.

“More intimate than text but easier to record than video, Facebook hopes voice could get people sharing more on its aging social network. And internationally, where users may have to deal with non-native language keyboards, voice lets them speak their mind without a typing barrier,” TechCrunch reported on Saturday.


It was first spotted by an Indian user – Abhishek Saxena, And Facebook confirmed the presence of this upcoming feature and as per the social media giant “Voice Clips” as a status update option is being tested with a small percentage of users in the country (india).

An anonymous Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch,“We are always working to help people share and connect with their friends and family on Facebook in ways that are authentic to them. Voice Clips gives people a new medium through which to express themselves,”.

For using this Voice clip feature on Facebook, users have to simply log into Facebook and click on “Add Voice Clip” from the status update composer menu. From there they can easily record own audio, during recording it’ll show waveform type of animation. After recording users can preview their clip but can’t edit it. And then they can share it with their Facebook friends and followers through the news feed.

The main benefit of this new voice clip Facebook feature is that till now where users may had to deal with non-native language keyboards, this new update will let them to speak their mind without a typing barrier. However, it is not yet known if the feature would be rolled out globally.