Fix Electra Getting Stuck at “Please Wait (1/3)” Error on Electra1131 Jailbreak

Electra Getting Stuck at “Please Wait (1/3)” Error 
Multiple methods to fix Electra Getting Stuck at “Please Wait (1/3)” Error message.

Recently renowned developers Coolstar, Nullpixel, and pwn20nd have released Electra1131 jailbreak that essentially supports iPhone, iPad or iPads running on iOS 11.2-11.3.1 firmware. But reportedly, many users are getting “Please Wait (1/3)” error message. The the app gets stuck on the screen showing “Please Wait (1/3)” message.

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As Electra1131 has just released recently, the exploit success rate is comparatively lower. Here in this article, i’ll guide you how to fix Electra getting stuck at “Please Wait (1/3)” error on iOS 11.2-11.2.3.

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Method 1 – How to Fix Electra Getting Stuck at “Please Wait (1/3)” Error on Electra1131 Jailbreak

You can try this method that is to disable find my phone option by going to iCloud settings. It will increase the success rate of Electra 11.3.1 jailbreak tool.

  • Open up the settings app and navigate to Settings > [user name].
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Just turn the iCloud Drive and Find my iPhone option off.

In case the above method isn’t working for you, here is another method that would bypass the Electra Getting Stuck at “Please Wait (1/3)” Error on Electra1131.

Another Electra troubleshoots –

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Method 2 – Fix Electra Getting Stuck at “Please Wait (1/3)” Error 

  • Open up settings app and turn on Airplane mode.
  • Now navigate to  Settings > Siri & Search and disable siri by toggling off all the “Press Home for Siri” options.

This method is recommended, actually reduces on going background activity that essentially increases the success rate of the jailbreak exploit.

By the following methods, you can fix the “Please Wait (1/3)” error on Electra jailbreak.

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