Fix Lenovo K8 Plus Automatically Switch Off / Screen Blackout Problem After Oreo Update

Lenovo K8 Plus Automatically Switch Off / Screen Blackout Problem After Oreo Update
Is your Lenovo K8 plus screen getting blacked out totally ? or getting switched off and becomes dark after installing oreo update ? here's a quick temporary fix for the issue.

Back in the last year on September 2017, Lenovo had launched Lenovo k8 Plus. Many people bought the device and as promised for future updates, Lenovo has just released the Android 8.0 Oreo update for k8 plus users on 31st June b2018. But the initial oreo update of lenovo k8 plus comes with a few major bugs that needs to fixed. As reported by many users, lenovo k8 plus is getting switched off automatically right after installing the most recent oreo update. In this type of scenario, lenovo k8 plus screen gets blackout. And you can’t unlock the device so far, no hardware keys will surprisingly work to wake up the device screen. Follow this guide to fix the black screen issue of lenovo k8 plus smartphone.

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In my case, i installed the oreo update on my lenovo k8 plus on 6th July. for the first few days, there’s was no screen blackout issue noticed by me so far. But it was around 10th July, when this tragedy started. Suddenly at morning i noticed, my lenovo k8 plus screen is not turning on though there was around 35% charge left on my phone. And when i keep pressing the hardware keys like power key and volume up or down, my phone vibrates but still the mobile screen is totally blacked out. Basically it happens after locking your phone by pressing power key, after locking you can’t unlock it again as the device screen won’t function properly. And this type of mobile screen automatically switching off or black out issue has been happening with almost every users who have updated to android oreo.

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Basically there’s no fix for this issue until lenovo rolls out a software update for the same. Still I’ve managed to find a temporary method that will fix this lenovo k8 plus screen turning off automatically bug.

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Method 1 –  How to Fix Lenovo K8 Plus Screen Automatically Switching Off / Black Out Issue – 

  • If the screen of your lenovo k8 plus switched off automatically, and the device plus isn’t waking up and stuck of the blacked out screen then long press the power key for around 30 seconds until your phone restarts. 
  • After that, unlock your phone and take a backup of all the data. We’ll wipe the cache and data from recovery mode. So all the installed apps and data from your internal storage will be lost. 
  • Now tap the power key and switch off your lenovo k8 plus.
  • Right after switching off, press power key and volume down key together it’ll boot your phone into fastboot mode. You’ll see a Green Android robot laying on its back on screen.
  • Now press volume up, until you see recovery mode. Tap power key to select it and confirm.
  • At the No Command Screen, Press and hold the power button and tap the Volume Up button.
  • You’ll get option to wipe data and reset your phone.Select it. It’ll wipe cache, user data and reset your device to factory mode.
  • After the reset is complete, your device will reboot automatically. Now set up your device and that’s all. You won’t get the screen black out or automatically switching off issue on your lenovo k8 plus again for a few days depending on your luck.

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Method 2 – Temporarily Bypass Blacked Out or Automatically Switched off Screen on Lenovo k8 plus

  • On the black out or automatically switched off screen of lenovo k8 plus, long press power key until your device reboots. After reboot, you can unlock and use it temporally.

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Although all of the above fixes are temporary, the only permanent fix to is to download and flash the old Android Nougat stock firmware on k8 plus using flash tools or adb command. If you know how to do it, you can grab the stock firmware from here. Otherwise wait for the next update that will fix the all existing bugs of lenovo k8 plus after oreo update including the screen getting dark bug. Till then, you’ve to use these methods to get rid of the black screen issue on lenovo k8 plus after installing oreo update june OTA.