Download PUBG Mobile 1.3.6 Chinese Version [ Game For Peace ]

Game for peace pubg Chinese apk

Game For Peace aka PUBG Mobile Chinese lightspeed latest version is launch by Tencent Games. Which features all the previous aspects of the game along with similar game mechanics and attributes. There is a subtle difference in the game which we will know in this article.

Game For Peace is the latest release of Tencent Games in China to replace the popular game PUBG mobile completely. A few weeks ago, Tencent Games receive a notice Government that the game was way too violent and promotes terrorism.

Thus, promoting Tencent Games to stop earning from this game facing the shutdown of PUBG Mobile completely. Tencent Games quickly release their new game Game For Peace within a few days making up for the huge market of PUBG Mobile.

Tencent Games as known before was a vigilante mass producer of its games and with their game being so popular among the globe. They knew this might be the case sooner or later, and planned everything beforehand with this modification in the game.

For now, the game will go into lots of Maintenance break as it is still under major development. But the game as of now features lots of stuff that are new and might get improved in future as well.


Being from the same studio and same developer, Game For Peace v1.3.6 is not very different from PUBG mobile Chinese lightspeed & quantum studious but with subtle changes as mentioned.

  • New Lobby.
  • Different Training Map.
  • Changed span area.
  • New Landing animations.
  • Death Animations.
  • Creative workshop gameplay – the night crisis.
  • A new firearm – Flame ejector.
  • Bait Grenade.
  • liquid nitrogen mines.
  • Parallel magazine.
  • No blood animations.
  • Less heath decrease in Pink zone (Previously Red Zone).
  • The overall game is more vibrant in color.
  • HQ Audio.
  • New firearms – Desert Eagle (.45 bullets)
  • New Vehicles – Amphibious Armored Vehicle.
  • New mechanism – the climbing feature.
  • New mechanism – Gas can explode.
  • Maple Leaf Forest scene.

In-Depth Features:

The Lobby is changed with a theme based on the military base of China. You can see Jets going over your character other than that it is similar to that of PUBG. You have the exact same maps and game modes.

The training mode has gone through a change a lot, the theme is based on snow and the guns have subtle realistic animations which are observable when compared side by side.

Span area is completely changed, you are now spanned at the new military base with 5 jets making a colorful dive in the sky. That is a really good show of jets.

When you are on the plane, two other jets escort the main plane and the background sound gives a patriotic feel overall.

One of the most hilarious changes we have seen so far is the waving animation when a player is killed, this is made out to be in sole purpose to reduce the violence by the government’s notice but completely takes out the seriousness of the game.

A new creative workshop game mode has been added into the PUBG Mobile latest Chinese version 1.3.6. Here users in level 5 or above tier can participate and experience the exhilarating new mode. In simple words, this is a new zombie mode taking up to 60 players in a match on the mini-map. The new night crisis mode has three days and two-night weather mode, players have to defeat zombies as well as opponents to get the victory.

Developers added a new Bait Grenade (Night crisis mode exclusive). It creates a bait tarp by generating high noise that attracts nearby Zombies. And therefore after a couple of seconds, it explodes and kills them with its high damage ratio. Also, there is Liquid nitrogen mines and a parallel magazine for rifles that increases the mag capacity. Game for peace latest version brings the Flame ejector into the game, causes high damage to targets. Leaving all of these, there are not many new features been added yet.

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The blood animation is completely gone with the launch of Game for Peace, it is made into green blood but we are familiar with it mainly as to reduce the violence from the game but made into a complete mess.

Last but not least the blue zone is gone and made into a pink or purple zone and the damage dealt by the zone is also less and gone are the days when you feared the zone.

The color scheme is gone through a change and it is much more pleasing to the eyes which adds up to a point for the game. Check out the download links given below.

Download Game For Peace Latest Version 1.3.6 for Android

To download PUBG Mobile 1.3.6 Chinese Lightspeed APK on your Android device, click here.

Download for iOS

iOS users can download PUBG Mobile 1.3.6 Chinese version from here.

Alt.Link to Download PUBG Mobile Chinese Version 1.3.6

In case the above links aren’t working, you can go to the official website – and download the latest version of Game For Peace.

In my opinion, the current version is way too much fun and takes out the seriousness of the game, and this is only available for China.

Better the game not made out in global launch as it would probably ruin the intense action from previously PUBG Mobile. Either way, you can try the game but the end results might not make you happy either.

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