How To Get Google Lens On Any Android Phone

How To Use Google Lens on Any Android-min

Google lens was announced by Google during the Google I/O 2017, the app aims to bring up relevant information using visual analysis. When directing the camera at an object, Google Lens will attempt to identify the object and show relevant search results and information. Till date this app was exclusively available for Pixel phone’s camera.

Last year Google Assistant was rolled out for everyone. Similarly now Google is rolling out Google Lens to every android phones that have latest version of Google photos app installed. With the AI powered Google lens users can do many things like scanning business cards, bar codes, identifying objects or monuments, finding book reviews, etc. Not only that, this app can also help your phone automatically connect to a wireless network after you point the camera at some Wi-Fi label containing the username and password of the network.

Moreover several smartphone will also be able to use Google Lens through the Google Assistant. While Google has also plans to rollout out lens for iOS devices in future, though there is no mentioned fixed timeline. It might come soon.

How to Get Google Lens on Any Android –

  • To start, make sure you have the latest version of the Google Photos app for Android:
  • After installing the latest version, Now take a picture of anything.
  • Pull it up in Google Photos and tap on Lens icon.
  • The app will visually analyse the photo and will show you relevant information on screen.

How to Use Google Lens in Google Assistant –

  • Make sure, you’ve the latest version of google app installed.
  • Long press the home key or menu button to launch Assistant.
  • Tap the Google Lens icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Now just Point your phone’s camera to any object, and it’ll show up relevant information. That’s all !!

But using Google Lens doesn’t mean that you point your phone’s camera to some random girls or someone walking on the street and expect to get relevant information like their names etc. This feature isn’t launched yet, Google lens can’t identify Human. This Artificial Intelligence Powered Application can only identify objects behind your Android smartphone’s camera. Let me your thoughts !