How to Use Gmail Dot trick & Gmail Plus Trick

gmail dot trick

The Gmail Dot Trick is a method which lets you create multiple accounts using the same Gmail account using the same name. The trick is pretty well known and might be patched out but until then you can use it without the need to think unique email ID for each account.

The Gmail Dot Trick

Suppose I have an email ID “[email protected]”. Now, I can create a new ID “[email protected]” and it will be created without any problem. The best thing about this trick is that even though the website will consider these two IDs to be separate but the emails sent to “[email protected]” will appear in the original ID.

This trick can be used to create multiple accounts by inserting the dot at the different places. You could also insert multiple dots as well. It is a great way to create multiple IDs by using the same username (different in technical terms, though).

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How does this Gmail DOT trick work?

Most of the websites consider a dot in the name to be a unique feature. eg: parth and will be different for the website. On the other hand, Google considers parth and to be the same and therefore the Gmail account associated with these IDs will be the same.

Advantages of Gmail Dot Trick

You might want to use the Gmail Dot Trick so that

  • you can hide your original Gmail ID (sort of).
  • Don’t want to remember different usernames.
  • You could use the same mobile number for each ID.

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The Gmail Plus Trick

The Gmail “plus” trick is an alternative to the dot trick. It works exactly the same but has one difference. Instead of using a dot, i.e. you use a “+”. It means if my email ID is “[email protected]”. I could use “[email protected]”. It would be considered to be different by the website but Google will consider it the same.

So, if you liked this trick then definitely use it if you are tired of giving different email IDs each time you create an account.

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