Google I/O 2018 to Be Held Between May8-10, teaser comes with a preview website

Google I/O 2018
Google I/O 2018 Annual Developers Conference

Google I/O brings developers together from around the world for an immersive experience focused on exploring the next gen technology. And the Google I/O 2018 annual developer conference is just few months away. A tweet from Google Developers official twitter account is enough to create the early teasers ahead of the event.

The tweet from Google Developers quoted,”Plans are coming along for #io18…” with a image, that image contains binary code, which can be decoded easily. After decoding here comes the official event page link for the Google I/0 2018 –

One the event page, users will be greeted with an street view street view from Google’s campus. Users can easily navigate and enter to the rooms to explore the clues marked with eye icon. And need to solve each puzzles to find the answer of the clue.

android 9.0 pineapple cake Google I/0 2018 hint

Also as soon as you enter into the second room, you would see a Pineapple cake, which might signify the name for android P. It might be Android 9.0 Pineapple cake, or Pineapple upside down cake. Also You could find few clues like “a served sushi”, “sister carrie novel”,”a calendar” showing the date August 5 which is marked as world sister’s day.

Heading up to the next lock door which seeks the answer to the clues. It could be hint that Google could delay the I/0 2018 to August. Also the relation between the novel, served sushi and the marked calendar date meant the answer was sister city of mountain view or Iwata.

Justin Duino (@jaduino) already solved the whole puzzle and it reveals the date of Google I/0 2018 event.

While we’re busy in guessing the names of the upcoming android version, though these names are too cheesy. While it’s pretty much confirmed that Google will announce the next version of android in the same event and Google I/0 2018 will be held between May 8-10 at the shoreline amphitheatre, located in Mountain View, California.

What would be the name of the upcoming android version 9.0 ? share your thoughts with us.