Get Google Pixel 2 Camera App on OnePlus 6

Google Pixel 2 Camera App apk for OnePlus 6

Google Pixel devices are probably one of the best Android smartphones out there. We all loved the Nexus series of devices from Google and it was a shocking news when Google decided to discontinue them. Fortunately, they replaced it with an even better lineup, the Pixel series. Pixel series is well known for its camera quality and optimization. Here in this article I’ll tell you How to Download and Get Google Pixel 2 Camera App on OnePlus 6.

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Google Pixel 2 Camera on OnePlus 6

The first Pixel device was launched back in 2016 and had great features back then. One of the most brilliant features of the phone was its camera. It was probably the best smartphone camera on the market at that time. What makes the camera even better was the software that controlled the camera and the camera app.

With the arrival of Google Pixel 2, the camera got even better and Google managed to produce the famous Bokeh effect with a single lens. This makes Google Pixel 2 not only one of the best phones in terms of hardware but software as well.

Now, if you have a OnePlus 6 as your primary cell phone then you wouldn’t be getting the Pixel 2 anytime soon. In case you secretly love the Pixel 2 camera app and want it on your OnePlus then you can get it. Here’s how to do it.

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Download Google Pixel 2 Camera for OnePlus 6

Using the Pixel camera app on OnePlus 6 is now possible, thanks to XDA developer cstrak27. He managed to port most of the features to OnePlus and the camera app is functional with only a couple of bugs. You could download and install it by following these simple steps.

  • For the first step download Google Pixel 2 Camera APK for oneplus 6 from here.
  • Move the APK to your phone’s storage and open it using a file explorer.
  • Click on the APK to install the app.
  • It will take some time to install the app and once it is done you could experience the Pixel Camera app on your OnePlus 6.

Note: The seems to have some sort of bug which makes the Portrait mode unusable.