Google has unveiled standalone Mirage Solo VR Headset – specifications, price and availability

Tech giant Google teamed up with Chinese manufacturer Lenovo to bring its first standalone VR headset Mirage Solo. Google’s Mirage Solo is powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 835 chipset which lets users directly put on the headset and enjoy virtual realistic¬† content from Google’s VR platfrom without any need of a computer or smartphone.

This new VR headset has its own processor and screen, so it doesn’t require any additional device to work, which is quite straight forward. Google Mirage solo has a 5.5 inch build in LCD screen with a resolution of 1280 x 1440 pixels. Apart from this, it comes with powerful 4GB RAM and 64 GB large storage for the users to store their favorite contents such as media,games etc.

According to Google, this mirage solo VR headset can deliver upto seven hour of battery life in a single charge. It also comes with a motion-sensitive remote controller manufactured by Lenovo that lets users to use hands to touch objects in virtual games. The remote has a trackpad,home buttons along with the volume adjusting buttons.

As per Google, they’re planning to introduce a impressive suite apps for the device. This device also has Google’s world sense tracking system which lets user to walk around in virtual games. Lenovo has mentioned users can interact with objects in selected games such as “Jump over a hardle”, “bank left with your snow board, “Duck an incoming Dodgeball”. This Google’s standalone mirage solo VR headset will cost below $400 and will be available to purchase around May or June this year. This will be a great option for users who’re looking for a long lasting budget VR headset.

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