Google is Working on Mysterious AltOS Mode for PixelBook

Last year Google launched its chrome OS running flagship Pixelbook. Like Pixel and nexus phones, Pixelbook is one of the favorite test beds for google to test new projects or carry out the on going new developments. Earlier we’ve got reports about Google working on Fuchsia OS. A new rumors suggests that Google is working on a new mysterious AltOS Mode.

AltOS mode was first spotted by a Reddit user – nbsp. A few commits are found that points towards the on going development of this AltOS. But at the point, we don’t have any evidence regarding what is exactly AltOS.

This AltOS could be a dual boot mode for alternative OS like windows booting. One of the commit shows an option “Message string for AltOS picker screen” where its described as “Adds two placeholder string “Chrome OS” and “Alt OS”. So most probably it’s a dual boot mechanism for pixel books. Also it could be a full-fledged operating system for Google Pixelbooks.

Apparently Google has been working over Fuchsia OS since a long time. So an OS selection mechanism is needed to choose between operating systems while booting. And if we go though the name – AltOS mode, it more likely sounds like Alternative Mode. Still Evidence is pretty light for this as most of commits are hidden from public. We all are expecting an official announcement about this AltOS at theĀ Google I/O 2018.