fuchsia os arrives on google pixelbook

Since last year, Google has been working on its Fuchsia OS. This new operating system is designed to run on a wide number of devices including computers/tablets/phones. Currently Google has its own chrome OS from laptop devices and the most popular android OS for mobile devices. This year Google is supposed to reveal their new Fuchsia OS.

This is an open-source project and we can see what Google is working on. But we don’t know what it will actually be used for. Recently according to a article published on android police, this new Fuchsia OS is being tested on the Pixelbook. Fuchsia OS has been ported onto Pixelbook which currently runs on Chrome OS. As per the Fuchsia Documentation, the Acer switch Alpha and Intel NUC are officially target devices.

Fuchsia could be a some kind of hybrid operating system that allows users to┬áseamlessly swap between their computers and smartphones. A page is recently added in the documentation, which explains the installation procedure of fuchsia os on Pixelbook by putting the device into developer mode and then booting from USB. It’s like Google is making sure that this new OS runs well on high-end devices like Pixelbook.

This OS might replace the existing chrome OS. Not much is known about Fuchsia Yet, Looking into its development progress, we can guess Google could announce the all time mysterious fuchsia OS on the Google I/O 2018.