Google’s Semantic Experiences Lets You to Talk to Books and Play Word Games

Talk to Books – 

Recently Google has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tool called Talk to Books that provides an entire new way to explore books. The tool uses Machine Learning and Semantic Experiences to help user in finding interesting books by just inputting word or phrases.

In Google’s talk to books, user’s just need to input a sentence or phrase. And then it will search all the sentences from a stock of over 100,000 books to find the ones that respond to that input based on semantic meaning at the sentence level. Basically you need to enter a question or make statement, and the AI powered Google’s talk to books will find sentences from the large number of books that looks like a logical reply of the inputted query.

It’s like users are talking with Books, and the name “talk to books” suggests the same outfit. This AI powered tool is trained on a billion conversation-like pairs of sentences, learning to identify what a good response might look like. Not only this, in addition with getting responses, it will also help you determine if you’re interested in reading any of those books or not.

google books search

As an example, if you input “i’m felling sleepy” in the search bar, it will show lines from a couple of books that matches with your statement logically. You could end up in fining books, authors, titles that you didn’t even expect also there are not any predefined rules bounding the relationship between what you put in and the results you get.

This capability of this tool is unique and this can help you to find interesting books that a regular keyword search on google might not surface. The semantic search feature delivers a whole new unique way to search as it predicts semantic relations between words and sentences by enabling algorithms that user enters, also it saves your time much. But still there is room for more development and improvement.

Semantris – 

word association games

Google has also unveiled a word association game called Semantris powered by the same technology. In the game, you’ll need to enter a word and the game will display a couple of words on your screen. Then it ranks all of those words scoring them based on how well they respond to what you typed using this semantic model. Semantris gives two options to choose and play – Arcade version and Blocks version. In blocks version it will show you a couple of word written blocks and you’ll be asked to enter a keyword that is relevant with one of those. And the AI tool then predicts which block you’re thinking about. And it will  then remove that block and you’ll be credited with points. While its Arcade version will tempt you to enter in single words as prompts. Try out these new semantic experiences offered by google and let us know what do you think about it.