'Hey Google' Google Assistant Hot Word is being Rolled Out Widely

‘Hey Google’ Google Assistant’s hotword is being rolled out to a large number of Android smartphone users.Google is working to bring the Google Assistant to as many as devices.Currently Google Assistant is available on a millions of smartphones and tablets running on Android 7.0 Nougat or 6.0 Marshmallow.

This ‘Hey Google’ hot word brings the total number of voice wake-up commands on Google Assistant.It is good and quite handy for people to say than the “Ok Google” voice command.

According to a blog published on Android Police the command is seeing a widespread rollout now.Devices including Moto G5S,Moto G5S plus,Nexux 5X,Opeplus 5 and 5T as weel as the Samsung Galaxy S6,S7 has received the rolled out update.

Till the time users have to say only “Okay Google” to wake up Google Assistant on their device.After this new update Google assistant will be able to recognize the both word “hey google” and “ok google”.

Already many users have started to get notification for retraining Goggle Assistant’s voice model with the new hot word.After tapping on the notification,it will take you to google assistant.There you will have to train the google assistant to recognize your voice by saying “hey Google” for three times.

Additions like the new voice command will increase convenience for those who rely on it to answer questions, perform hands-free tasks, or listen to music.Users who haven’t received the updates,update your Google app nd open it up.Go to Google assistant settings and retrain the voice model manually.