How to Check and Remove the ‘mshelper’ Malware from MacOS

mshelper macos malware

A new malware called MSHelper (msw_p.dll) affected many Mac users recently. Experiencing lag , battery drain and a constantly running fan on your Mac? The ‘mshelper‘ malware could be the reason for this. Turns out , Apple isn’t really as virus free as it claims to be.

The affected Mac systems normally have their processors run at or near 100 %. This subsequently prevents the working of other software because of unwanted resource usage.

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This malware typically slows down the system and makes the fans run constantly in order to compensate the high processor usage. The MSHelper macOS malware was spread by a malicious Adobe Flash Installer Link. Luckily, Affected users can remove this malware followingly.

How to Check the Presence of MShelper on Mac –

#1. Open the  Activity Monitor from the dock and click on CPU .

#2. Click on Process Name for an alphabetical order and scroll through the list to find mshelper. Killing this process would start it again so we must remove this process.

How to remove the mshelper malware –

#1. Open  Finder window and click on your Mac’s Internal Storage.

#2. Open Library >> LaunchDaemons and Right-Click on com.pplauncher.plist.

#3. Click Move to trash in the right-click menu.[Delete]

#4. Go back in the Finder and click Application support and right-click on the pplauncher folder and Move to trash.[Delete]

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